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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How to Tuesday: Easter Eggs Galore

Have you ever tried to draw a perfect egg shape? If so, you know it's almost as hard as drawing a perfect circle! With the mounds and mounds of Easter crafts online we figured you could use a handy dandy Egg Template. And that's eggs-actly what we're giving you today! We will also show you a few crafty ideas of what we have used our egg template for.

For starters, let's add to the list of "paint chip" crafts available online by making an Easter Egg garland. After cutting a ton of paint chip eggs using the smallest egg template, I simply taped them to a strand of yarn. This is great for little ones because even if they are not old enough to cut out the eggs, they surely can tape them!

Next I used the egg template and our Tutorial for Adding Shapes to Knit Tee  to create a super cute Easter shirt. What little darling wouldn't love one of these?!

For the next project I used the large egg template to cut two eggs out of felt.  Then I added a slot to one, just big enough to slide some candy in.

I then stacked them on top of one another and sewed along the entire outer edge. Now they are ready for the littles to decorate to their hearts' content using anything crafty they can find!

Lastly, we made some paper eggs to decorate with. I wish I had some scrapbook paper around because they would be so fun in all different shapes and sizes for around the house!

To make the paper eggs, I cut 6 large eggs and stacked them on top of one another. Using our Tips for Machine Stitching on Cardstock, I sewed down the middle of the stacked eggs. Then I folded each section away so they created a three dimensional egg. These would be fun to have in an Easter basket with crayons and stickers on the dinner table, for the little ones to decorate on the days leading up to Easter!

Well, we hope we gave you all a ton of great ideas to use, along with the Egg Template that you can find here!  We would love to see what other ideas you come up with.

Happy Sewing Y'all, Morgan

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