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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How To Tuesday: DIY Knit Hippie Headband

I love seeing what styles people flock to. Recently when I posted this photo of Miss A in her lace Hazel's Hippie Dress with a matching headband, you ladies went crazy asking how I made her little headband! Below you will find the how-to so you can make your own. One size fits Miss A who is almost 2 years old, and myself.

To start you will need two scraps of knit fabric that measure 5" x 20". 

Take both pieces and fold them into thirds. Place them one on top of the other to create an X. Then meet the ends together so that you now have two loops that are looped together, as shown below.

Then take all 4 edges and sew them together .5" from the edge. 

Press the seams open and fluff the headband.

Now it's ready to wear! How quick and easy was that?

Note on adapting the headband: If your knit is thin and rolls easily you may want to add 1" to the width when cutting. Fold the strips in half with right sides together to create two long tubes. Turn them inside out and then go from there.  That way thinner knits won't roll, which is especially important if you have a directional print. Also, some women may want to add 1-2" to the length if you think you'll need a slightly more roomy headband.

Happy Sewing, Y'all, Morgan

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