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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How To Tuesday: Bodice on The Bias

How To Tuesday with Morgan

So what happens when you find a super cute stripe and you are wishing it was chevron? Well you make it chevron of course! Now this trick is nothing new in the quilting world but was something totally foreign to me. So I headed to up to my favorite local quilt shop Quilter's Square and got some help from my good friend Kela on how to cut on a 45 degree angle.

After toying around with some different options we agreed that the easiest way to teach this trick was to use an 8.5" square ruler.

To start you will want 1/3 yard of a stripe fabric. With the fabric laying on a flat surface we lined the 45 degree line of the rule on the left edge of one of the stripes.

You can see this step more clearly in the below photo. Note that our 45 degree line is lined up with edge of the gold stripe. 

We then cut around all 4 sides of the ruler creating a perfect 8.5" square.

We then repeat the same process further down the fabric, making sure to use the same color line for the center 45 degree line. In our case, it is the golds stripe.

We then pressed and starched the squares and flipped them until the lines line up to create a the chevron.

Then with our fabrics right sides together, we pin and sew down the edge using a 1/4" seam allowance.

After sewn together you have a rectangle that is 8.5" x 16", which is the perfect size and can accommodate any of the CKC bodices in sizes 6/12mo-8y.

Now using the seam you just sewed you will cut your bodice down to size. In this case we were making a size 2 bodice that calls for the bodice to be 12" wide. We lined the center seam on 6" line and then trimmed down to size.

That's it! Now I don't know about you all, but I know I have missed out on making some super cute dresses because I was totally overthinking this trick.

While hanging out with Kela today she agreed to give our readers 20% off any order from their site. Just use the coupon code "ckcfans" when checking out. And make sure to head over to their facebook fan page and give them some CKC love!

I know I'm excited to use to coupon to place my pre order of the Arizona line by Art Gallery Fabrics! I mean, really! Look at how amazing these fabrics are! And Quilter's Square has knit one their site as well! Double yay!

Happy sewing y'all,

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