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Thursday, March 20, 2014

March's Mini Contest: Create a Matching Card

It's time for a mini contest on the blog and the top three winners will receive a free CKC pattern of your choice!  If you didn't see Wednesday's blog post on how to Machine Stitch on Handmade Cards, you might want to go back and read it because that's the theme of today's contest!  It's okay if you've never sewn on cards before - we know you can handle it. Today is a great day to branch out and try something new! I promise that this little guy was way easier to sew than a dress: 

Here are the rules for our contest. Let's get excited! 

1) Sew any CKC pattern that you want to, whether it is a purchased pattern or one of our free patterns. It's okay if you have already started on your project, as long as you can still take a photo of the finished piece and have scraps to use for your card.

2) Make a matching card using at least one small piece of leftover fabric. You can make your card look however you want it and you may use any other art supplies, paper, or embellishments you want to.  Keep it simple or go totally crazy -- whichever you choose. Just be sure that it has your matching fabric and some kind of machine stitching. Please use our related blog post as a reference before you begin.

3) Take two photos:  One will be a photo of the outfit/project and the card together; for example you can have your child wearing the dress and holding the card. Then the second photo needs to be a close-up of the card so that we can see it straight on and in good light. We want to show your cards off on the blog!

4) Email your two photos to by next Wednesday, March 26 at midnight EST.  This is less than a week but we know you can do it! Please include your name so we know how to label the winners.

(Note: Your cards do not need to be Easter themed!  They can be anything you want as long as they match the outfit/project that you sewed.)

The top three winners will be announced here on the blog next Thursday, March 27. Remember that the winners will each receive a free pattern of your choice!  Who wouldn't love a free pattern?!  I can't wait to see the cards that you create and I hope we have a good crowd of fans that are willing to try something new for this contest! I think you'll be pleasantly surprise with how easy and rewarding it is to add this personal touch. Handmade is always better. 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

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