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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How To Tuesday: Pacifier Leash

Binky.  Paci.  Nuk.  Soother. 

What does your family call Baby's beloved pacifier?  My favorite parenting website lists 160 nicknames for this little device! Most parents have a love-hate relationship with them. It's like we can't live with them but we can't live without them. My cousin's cute baby Anderson above is clearly fascinated with his little "Precious." (Did you catch the movie reference? Clever parents.) Whatever we choose to call them, today we have a fantastic tutorial that will help keep those pacifiers clean, safe, and fashionable for our little ones!  

 Here's Morgan: 

I figured there was no better way to celebrate the launch of the new baby line here at CKC than with a scrap buster for the littlest people in our lives. I must admit the new line of baby patterns are giving me some major baby cravings. And digging out a paci for today's freebie nearly made me cry! My little one gave hers up a LONG time ago.

So lets get started on making this quick and easy paci clip leash thingy.

We will need a scrap of fabric that is 12" x 4", a piece of interfacing that is 1" x 11", a mitten clip (shown below), and 4 inches of 1/4" elastic.

First we will fold both the outer edges of fabric in about 1/4" in and press.

Next we will take our strip, fold it in half length wise, and iron so we have a nice crease. Open the strip back up so the crease is going down the center. Now we will fold both of the long sides in so that they meet at the crease in the center, and iron. Once ironed fold it in half again lengthwise like we did in the beginning. The original center crease we made will be along the bottom and the two folds will be lined up at the top.

Now we will iron our interfacing to one of the inner flaps as shown below.

Then we will fold our elastic in half and place the raw edges inside the fabric and pin in place. Then topstitch 1/8" in, along all four sides.

Lastly we will slide out mitten clip onto the other end and fold down about 1/4".  Again topstich 1/8" from the edge.

And just like that you have a paci leash to match your little one's outfit!

That's all for me today folks! If you need me I'll be gawking at the tiny preemie onesie that once was too big for my Miss A. 

Happy sewing y'all,

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