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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How To Tuesday: Fitted Crib Sheet

Our new Baby Line has been a huge hit, so we decided to do another free tutorial this week related to babies! When I was putting together my own babies' nursery each time I wanted something unique and it seemed that there weren't nearly enough options for me when it came to fitted crib sheets. Blue or pink or green, that's it?  But we all know that there is a world of options when it comes to fabric!  Woohoo! Let's help those babies sleep in style!  (Or at least make a gorgeous place for Mom to hang out on those sleepless nights.)  So let's get to it!  Here's Morgan with our fabulous baby tutorial for today: 

To start you will need about 2 yards of your chosen fabric and 67" of 3/8 inch elastic.

First we will cut our fabric to be 44" x 68". Then we will cut a 8" x 8" square out of each corner.

Next we will fold our fabric so that the right sides of the corners are together. Pin and sew down the raw edge. Repeat with the other three corners.

Now we will move on to making the casing for the elastic. To start, fold and press 1/4" down all the way around the edge of the sheet. Now we fold over an additional 1/2" down and iron, pinning as we go making sure to match up seams at the corners.

Now we can sew 1/8" from the bottom of our fold all the way around the entire sheet, being sure to leave a one inch opening as shown.

Thread our 3/8" elastic through the casing making sure that it doesn't twist while doing so. When we reach the end, sew the two elastic ends together, again making sure that it is not twisted. Once sewn together, pull the sheet and spread the fabric around so it is evenly distributed. We can now sew the one inch opening close.

And just like that you're done!

Happy sewing y'all,

ps - Here are the links if you want to make Felix the Fox from the first crib picture, or our popular Ruffled Pillowcase to match your nursery too. Adorable! 

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