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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How To Tuesday: Fabric Lanyard

Raise your hand if you're good at misplacing your car keys. I know I am! I haven't always been this way and I'm pretty sure the little helpers running around my house have something to do with it.  Today's tutorial may help out a little with those keys and other small belongings that like to hide from us when we need them most. How about a lanyard that is easy, attractive, and convenient? All we have to do is hook our keys onto the lanyard ring and they are suddenly a lot harder to lose!  Let's get started with this easy lanyard tutorial from Morgan: 

To start, we will need a scrap of fabric that is 4" wide by 40" long, and a D-ring.

If you don't have a scrap this long, why not try a patch work lanyard? Simply sew multiple scraps together that are 4" wide until you have a 40" strip.

Now we will take our strip, fold it in half length wise, and iron so we have a nice crease. Open the strip back up so the crease is going down the center. Now we will fold both of the long sides in so that they meet at the crease in the center, and iron. Once ironed, fold it in half again lengthwise like we did in the beginning. The original center crease we made will be along the bottom and the two folds will be lined up at the top, like a bias tape as shown below. Do not sew the edges. 

Now slide our D ring onto the strip as shown below.

On each end of our strip we will unfold the edges and line the two ends up right sides together. Pin and sew, creating one continuous loop.

Press the seam open and fold the fabric back into place.

Now we will topstitch 1/8" in from the edge along both sides, moving the D-ring out of our way as we sew.

Now find the D-ring and fold the lanyard strip flat around it, as shown in the picture below. Sew across the strip 1/2" from the D-ring.

And just like that you are finished with a quick and easy lanyard for your keys, name badges, gym passes and whatnot.

Happy sewing y'all,


  1. Perfect! I couldn't quite figure it out in my brain how to fold everything. How is yours holding up?

  2. this is the best lanyard tutorial I have seen. All the others have this raw edge that you have to fold over and you end up with this bulk you have to sew through. Thanks. Can't wait to make one!

  3. Any medical folks in your family (or friends)? Terrific gift item!

  4. Great instructions, loved making this lanyard!

  5. Thanks for sharing this.
    It's an easy to follow diy lanyard.

  6. One of my sons workers keeps losing keys - I will make him a bold floral one - the lanyard of shame - it's perfect. thanks!