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Friday, February 21, 2014

Update for Brenna's Bubble Pocket Shorts

It's Morgan here. You know that saying "it's right under your nose"? Well I have officially truly experienced it this week and I'm quite embarrassed. You see, we released Brenna's this week and in doing so I signed off on the pattern piece and unfortunately it had a few misprints that went unnoticed. I think I was so concerned making sure that the measurements were correct that these two things just slipped though the cracks!

So let's pull out our patterns and all make a little note on them. To start you can see if you have the older version by looking in the top right hand corner of the first page. If it reads "v1. 2/18/2014" then you have the older version and you will want to read on. If yours read "v2. 2/21/2014" then you have the newest version and you're all set to go create something awesome, no changes needed! 

One of the errors we need to fix is actually kind of funny. Can you spot it? Yep, according to our pattern piece we are making "packet" shorts not "pocket" shorts.

 The second error has caused a little confusion and I can see how. The piece has the word "FOLD" on the edge of the pattern piece. This piece should not be cut on the fold! I just marked that out on my copy. I also updated a photo in the pattern to cause less confusion.

You will actually be cutting 4 pieces in all. Two with the crotch facing the left and two with it facing the right.

Or if you prefer you can cut the piece on the fold and then cut it down the middle like the image below.

Like I said, they where just a few little things that were right under my nose and I completely didn't see them. You guys, I'm so sorry! Now if you're like me and may not remember these changes later, you are completely welcome to fill out the pattern update form at THIS LINK and the new pattern will be sent to your email shortly!

I am already having a blast seeing all the wonderful shorts you all are making for your little ones, and I thought I'd share a few before signing off.

Tina from Damsels & Dragons created this amazing pair of chambray Brenna's:

Tina also gave knit a try with great success! Thank you Tina for sharing these both with us and for being the guinea pig and giving the knit a try!

Well that's all from me today folks.

Happy sewing y'all,

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