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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tying a Standard Necktie

You may have seen our fabulous new boys' pattern that came out earlier this week.  Emmett's Tie Set is a big hit already! Because it comes with three styles of ties (velcro necktie, velcro bow tie, and standard necktie) we have had several moms ask us how to tie the classy standard necktie onto their boys. So that's exactly what we're going to show you today!

First of all, there are hundreds of different ways to tie a necktie. That's a bit overwhelming. We are going to focus on one way to tie a necktie for now and once we all have that down then we can explore our other options. Some people like photo tutorials and some like videos - so we're giving you both! 

 I called in my husband to help me out with this little project. He wears a necktie to work every day and puts ties on our four boys every Sunday, so he definitely has enough experience to be teaching us today!  His favorite necktie knot is called the Prince Albert. Here we go: 

 First we put the necktie around our son's shoulders, with the small end being about 1/3 as long as the wide end. 

 Make an X with the two ends. 

Fold the long end behind the short end. 

 Now wrap the long end around once. 

 Then wrap it a second time. 

Then wrap it a third time! 

Now while holding the three wraps, take the long end and point it upward like he's doing with his right hand in the picture.

Pull the long end up through the very back by the neck. 

 Pull it all the way through. 

 Now point it downward.

  Tuck it into the very front fold that we created. 

 Begin pulling through. 

 Continue pulling down, while holding the top securely. 

 Pull to its full length. 

 When the knot is snug and even, we are done pulling. 

 Now slide the knot up to the neckline until it looks great.   

Now we're done! 

We aim for the tie to end at about the belt line. It if doesn't come out where we want it, we can adjust slightly or start over leaving more or less of a tail. Most ties have a little loop on the backside of the tie, to tuck our small tail end into after we're done tying. Our Emmett's Tie Set is one of the few patterns that has one because my husband insisted it was totally necessary to look classy. (What a great helper I have!) 

Now if you'd like to see all this tying in  action, here is my awesome husband showing us how:

And that's how it's done!  In case you want a quick refresher later on, I put all the steps together into two collages: 

I hope you have enjoyed our tutorial and video today.  Now none of us have any excuses not to dress up our dapper little guys in their very best! 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

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