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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How To Tuesday: Chapstick Cozy

Hey guys! It's Morgan here again for another awesome scrap buster! I guess Tiffany and I were on the same wave length today because while she was posting this crafty pic on our Instagram profile:

I was busy working on today's how-to, which just so happens to be a chapstick cozy! How funny! We will share both of our creative projects with you on the blog today and we will start with the chapstick cozy. 

So to begin you will need two scraps of fabric that measure 2" x 8.75" each and also a metal D-ring. Below I used a 1" D-ring because that's what I had on hand but I would suggest using a 2".  And of course you will also need your favorite chapstick. In my case, it is the only one that my toddler has not found and eaten or drawn on the walls with.

To start, lay your fabrics right sides together and sew along 3 sides. (You could use some fusible interfacing to add stiffness if you wish, but I was going for quick and simple and didn't want to mess with digging interfacing out of the closet.)

Clip the corners and turn right sides out.

Smooth the fabric and tuck the raw edges in by 1/4".  Press.

Making sure that the unsewn, tucked end is at the top, fold the bottom edge up about 3" and press. Topstitch up both sides 1/8" from the edge.

Now slide your D ring onto the top end and fold down about 1/4".  Again topsitich 1/8" from the edge in order to close the open end and to complete the cozy.

How easy was that?

When Tiffany posted the picture of her chapstick-making on Instagram, some of you asked for her recipe.  Here is the link where she found the instructions, so now you can make some too:

Happy sewing y'all,

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