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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fourth Day of Christmas: Scrap Catcher/Organizer

  On the fourth day of Christmas, CKC gave to me... 
A handy Scrap Catcher,
 Stylish D-Ring Belt,
  Ruffled Camera Strap --
And a Stocking to put my gifts in!  

Today we're giving you a free pattern for this handy Scrap Catcher/Organizer!  

I am so excited to make one of these for myself! When I'm sewing, I usually keep my scissors and fabric pieces on my lap - and when the phone rings or the kids need me, I jump up and everything falls to the floor. No more! 

Look how convenient this scrap catcher is! It's right there where you need it. Put whatever you want in it - scissors, scraps, cell phone, M&M's - anything that fits!  I can see this being very useful at my computer desk as well! (Now where did I put that calculator...?) 

Or maybe this use of it will appeal to you even more. Secure one of the sides underneath your heavy machine and it will give you a handy pocket RIGHT there! Ooh, I bet it would even keep my pins from falling to the floor! 

I'm starting to get all these great ideas about where I need a scrap catcher! (Cheerio catcher, anyone?)  So let's think about those people on our gift lists who might ever find themselves sitting in a chair - and start making a catcher/organizer for them today! You can download the free PDF pattern for the CKC Scrap Catcher and Organizer here. Are we getting those stockings stuffed yet? 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen

1 comment:

  1. great idea and i am going to try and put it into the car ...