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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Quick Tip: Save all that Printer Ink!

 I'm excited about today's quick tip. It's one of my favorite things about PDF patterns at CKC. I have read several comments lately on the Facebook page about customers that want to buy new patterns but they aren't going to because of ink. "I'm all out of ink."  "It's too expensive to print patterns after I buy them."  

CKC patterns are fabulous because of all the great pictures and step-by-step instructions. But all those pictures use up a ton of ink!  Right?  

Well, not necessarily. That's my quick tip of the day, coming right up. 

This is my happy place. I love it.  It's not big or fancy, but I do wake up each morning excited to come here.  You may notice something about my sewing desk. No printed papers everywhere! Not even in a binder. 

And that's my quick tip of the day:  If you are short on ink or paper, ONLY PRINT THE PATTERN PIECES.  I've been using CKC patterns for a year and a half and I have never, ever printed out more than just the pattern pieces. 

When I buy a new pattern, I immediately save it to Dropbox. (It's a free app!) Then I can pull the pattern up on any of my devices to read as I cut and sew.  Yesterday I made a dress that had 20 pages of instructions. And I only printed one! I also love that on my devices I can enlarge the instructions and zoom in on the pictures. I can see the patterns even better than if they were on paper! 

So if you want to save on ink and paper, there you go!  See how easy this is?  I highly recommend it for the home seamstress and any small boutique owner.  If you ever have problems printing your pattern pieces, here's a great blog Tiffany did awhile back to help you print your patterns successfully. 

 There will be some of you, I'm sure, that still want to have your patterns all printed out just for old times' sake. We still love you.  If that's the case, here are some helpful tips for storing your patterns.  I use those same tips for storing just my pattern pieces. It's a great way to organize and I don't need nearly as many binders!  (I have one binder, to be exact.) 

So I hope you give it a try and ONLY PRINT THE PATTERN PIECES. We have a bunch of big sales coming up at CKC, and now you don't have to miss out on any of them because of ink and paper costs. The more patterns the merrier. 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen

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