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Monday, November 4, 2013

My First Sewing Project: Simple Tree Ornament

We are so excited to be starting a new series here on the CKC blog!  It's called "My First Sewing Project" and it's geared toward the kids!  We all spend a lot of time sewing for kids, so why not add some quality time sewing with our kids? 

(And if you don't have kids of your own, go for a little walk in the neighborhood and I bet you can find some who would love to do these with you!) 

PROJECT 1: Simple Tree Ornament

Aren't these so cute?  And they are super easy!  It took me less than ten minutes from beginning to end. Of course it may take the kids a little bit longer to get the hang of them, but with your help they will be experts in no time! 

You can download the Free PDF Pattern here: SIMPLE TREE ORNAMENT

And why are we starting on this Christmas project so early?  Well, I have a very good reason, and it's not because I skipped Thanksgiving. This is actually perfect for Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving!  In my hometown we are all very familiar with a good cause called Project Rudolph. It began locally, with a family who put together gift bags to send to U.S. service men and women who were deployed out of the country, away from their families over the Christmas holiday.  Over time the whole community got into it, and now it has become a project that receives donations from all over the country!  And the best part - kids love to be involved with it. 

Each gift bag that is sent overseas contains certain items: 1) candy, 2) a hand-written letter from an adult, 3) a hand-written letter from a child, and 4) a hand-made, unbreakable ornament.  

We would love to have your help!  We know our CKC fans are amazing and we hope you will take part in this service project. We don't need to provide all the contents listed above, or assemble the bags. We are simply asking you to make some ornaments and send them to the headquarters by Thanksgiving!  If you want to read more about Project Rudolph, here is the official website. I suggest you look through their guestbook. Here is one entry from a service member who was stationed in Kuwait last Christmas: 

"I want to thank all the volunteers that took their time to support me and my time away from my family. To have the little kids hand me a gift as I was on my way out to a new and unknown place helped to bring peace to my heart to know I am doing what I am meant to do so the young children can grow up to be free."

What a great project to be a part of! What can you do to help?  First of all, make some ornaments - they can be the Simple Tree Ornament or any other -  just make sure they are unbreakable and less than 6 inches - perfect to carry around in their pockets! And yes, the more the better.  This is a great way to use up all your scraps. 

Second, please use a small tag of some kind to label the ornaments with "Project Rudolph" and the state you are sending it from. Please don't include the date, because any that arrive late can still be used next year. 

Third, just mail them on over!  Here is the mailing address where you can send your generous donation of ornaments: 

Ray & Cheri Archibald
600 S Wilson
Oakley, Id 83346

They will be so excited to receive more donations!  If you are interested in donating letters or candy,  those details are on the website as well.  Please involve your kids, your neighbors, and whoever you can think of that might want to show thanks to our service men and women. No matter what our politics, we are all indebted to those who sacrifice their lives for our freedoms. Let's show our thanks in a big way this year! 

Now don't forget to go back and download the PDF if you didn't already. Your kids will love it! 

Let's Create!  ~ Kristen 

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