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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How To Tuesday: Tutu Trim

With Halloween around the corner and the subject coming up in our facebook group. I thought it was time to pull out the tulle and whip up a timely tutorial. Tutu trim is so easy and is the perfect little touch for all sorts of holiday outfits. So lets get started y'all.

1st you need to know how much tulle to cut. A good rule of the thumb when it comes to tulle is times 4 the width of hem that you are sewing it on to. So for example if you are attaching tulle to a 10" hem. You will want to cut your tulle 40 inches long. I also suggest 2 to 3 layers of tulle. Now the length of the tulle is up to you.
To start we will gather our tulle to sew onto our outfit. Set the sewing machine on the longest stitch length possible. Sew 1/4" down from the top of each ruffle making sure not to backstitch at the beginning or end. Some seamstresses prefer to have two rows of stitching in case a thread breaks, however, if you are using high-quality thread as we do, then one row of stitching should be sufficient.

Begin gathering the ruffle by pulling the top 2 threads and moving the tulle back so it is gathered together.

When it looks like it is the right width, we can begin pinning the ruffle to the outfit.
We can now sew on the tulle. We need to be sure to sew below the gathering line otherwise it will be visible on the outside when we are done.

We can now topstitch our tulle. To topstitch, sew 1/8" up from where we attached the ruffle.

And just like that we done adding the tutu trim!

Happy Sewing Y'all!

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