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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How To: Princess Cuff Sleeves

Wow I cant believe what a fun week its been so far here at CKC! By the looks of the boards in our Facebook group, the princess trend is booming at the of this summer. So I figured today was a perfect day to get this fun and easy Cuffed Sleeve Tutorial up. Also would be pretty cute for sleeves on back to school outfits. Okay lets get started!

Your going to complete your dress as normal but when it comes to finishing the raw edge of the sleeves you will want to follow these directions to give your dress a whimsical princess look!

Step 1: We are now going to gather the edge of our sleeves. Set the sewing machine on the longest stitch length possible. Sew 1/4" down from the top of the top tier Do not backstitch at the beginning or end. Some seamstresses prefer to have two rows of stitching in case a thread breaks, however, if you use good quality thread and gather slowly thread shouldn't break!

Step 2: Now we use the following math to determine the size to cut the cuff.
3"x width of sleeve minus 5
So for example if you are making a size 4 your sleeve width was 15.75.
So your cut cuff piece will be 3"x10.75"

Step 3: We will now take our cuff piece and fold and press in the edges by 1/4" an inch on both long sides.

Step 4: Take the cuff and fold it right sides together, sew up the short side so that we have a continuous loop.

Step 5: Next we will fold the cuff in half enclosing all raw edges like pictured below. Pin and Press in place.

Step 6: We will now take our freshly pressed cuff and open it to slide the sleeves raw edge into the opening. and then pin in place all around the cuff. As shown below.

Step 7: Now we will carefully sew around the upper edge of the cuff inclosing the ruffled sleeve in place. Thus creating the perfect princess sleeve.

See I told you all it was a quick and easy tutorial that adds a ton of whimsy.! And besides look how cute it is on! Happy sewing Y'all!

You can also use this tutorial with long sleeves like our amazing tester Nikki from Ruffles and Cuddles did here for an under shirt.

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