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Monday, June 24, 2013

How To Tuesday: Going Beyond The Basic Bodice

Want a fun and easy way to add some major wow to your next outfit?
Well of course you do, I mean you are reading this blog aren't you?
I gotta admit the first time I added pin tucks to an outfit I was a nervous wreck but after they were complete I laughed at myself at how easy they were...and I stinking LOVE them now!!
So last week when I made Ayla this I made sure to snap some photos.

So lets get started. 
To start off make a plan before hand for how many pin tucks you plan to add. You are going to want to add  1/8" to the width of your bodice for each pin tuck you plan to add.

Once you've made your plan and cut out your bodice, mark the center of the bodice (green pin) and then place a mark at each spot where you've decided to add a pin tuck. (yellow pins)

You will now fold the fabric and iron at each pin, creating a nice crisp fold. Like pictured.

Now at each fold you will sew as close to the folded edge as possible.

Once you've sewn all pin tucks you will need to iron the bodice one last time.

Then finish your bodice as your PDF directs you and just like that you're done! I told you it was silly easy! I added these buttons down the center for a nice touch!

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