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Monday, April 22, 2013

You Asked For It....

And we've been listening! We have a confession: we've been keeping a secret. It's been a hard secret to keep too because you ladies are persistent....and obviously persuasive. After much anticipation and hard work we are pleased to announce our new women's line! Just wait. It gets better because we aren't releasing just one pattern this week, nope! We are releasing six patterns! If you weren't excited before, hopefully you are excited now!

Not to brag, but we have some pretty amazing testers who have shown us how versatile some of these pieces really are as well. They have bared with us through the struggles of making patterns for people with real curves and shape to their body to help us create these new patterns that will look great on all shapes and sizes. Here is our size chart including sizes XS to XL so you can start measuring and getting ready for the pattern releases that will begin tomorrow morning!!!

So I'm sure you're wondering what patterns we're releasing? While I'd love to tell you, but I can't spill the beans. So I'm just going to let some of our testers' pictures do the talking and hopefully you can recognize them all. 

We have lots more pictures waiting to be shown off and many more patterns in testing for future releases. Be sure to check our facebook page Every. Single. Day. this week as we will be releasing them at different hours every day to keep ya on your toes! We're tricky like that ;)

Now, doesn't this make you a little more excited for this week?
Happy Sewing!
Shannon and Tiffany

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