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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Do You Measure Up?

I think I've been asked at least a hundred times, "Do your patterns run true to size?"

And, I know I've heard other people say at least a thousand times, "There's no such thing as true to size."

While it's true that all commercial brands do have their own sizing methods, there is such a thing as as a standard. A standard is simply a set of rules, or in this case measurements, to use when producing a product. Many countries have their own set of standards since body size/shape does vary greatly by geographic region.  While not all clothing companies or pattern designers follow the US standard that is recognized in the industry, Create Kids Couture does follow it closely while drafting  to ensure proper fit of all our patterns.

Most of our patterns have a good amount of ease built in. Ease, for sewing newbies, is the extra room built into a pattern that allows you to wear it comfortably.  We designed them this way because they are super comfortable for kids to wear, they are easy for mom to make, and they still look gorgeous!

Peasant style dresses with elastic necklines typically have a lot of ease built in.

So do elastic waist pants.
Of course, as styles change, the amount of ease that a pattern has will also change.

 We've recently released several patterns that have fitted bodices.

When you sew any garment that is fitted, it is important to actually measure your child. 
Even if you've always made our patterns in a certain size and you know your child always wears that size in CKC, she may just be getting away with it thanks to the ease that is built in our other patterns. 

I posted a while back about How to Measure Your Child for Fit, and we made up this really handy chart for you to use. 

Just click the photo to get the full size printable version. 

It's also very important when making fitted patterns to make it in their current size. 
I know it's tempting to size up so they can wear it longer, but you just wont be happy with the fit or the look if it is too big. 

Now, what do you do if your child is not the same size all over?

So, say for example, your child is like our model in the photo above and measures Size 3 in the chest and Size 5 for length. Do you make the 3 or the 5? Neither. If you want a good overall fit, you need to make the bodice in size 3 and the skirt length in size 5. 

Here are a couple of our sizing charts. These will help give you a good idea of what size to make once you have measured your child.

Our patterns also include finished garment measurements. This is to help you decide which size will best fit your child. Once you have measured her, and looked at the size charts here to determine what size to make, don't forget to also look at the finished garment measurements to make sure that the size you are planning to make is actually the best overall fit for your child. 

Following these simple guidelines will ensure a properly fitted garment. There's nothing worse than pouring your heart and soul into an outfit only to discover it is too big or too small, so don't forget to check...and double check. And, remember, kids can go through growth spurts. It's a great idea to measure once a month.

For easy reference, we've placed our size and measurement charts on our website. You can find them here.

Happy Measuring and Sewing!

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  1. I just purchased 5 patterns and went to print the first pattern out and realized that I couldn't because of the way the patterns were made. I don't know where any print shops are and was wondering if Staples would be able to print these patterns out?