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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wildflower Child--March Boutique of the Month

Congratulations to our March Boutique of the Month, Wildflower Child Boutique! Bethany has been a regular on the CKC page for quite some time now and always impresses us with the gorgeous creations she makes and share. Bethany was sweet enough to write free tutorial on product packaging to share just with CKC fans and it is so good that I'll be posting it tomorrow because I didn't want it to steal the show today! Thank you Bethany for writing it, I know all the boutiques will appreciate it! Don't forget to check back tomorrow! And now, Bethany from Wildflower Child Boutique!!!

Hi, I'm Bethany from Wildflower Child Boutique!! I'm so incredibly honored to be the boutique of the month for one of my favorite pattern designing companies!! CKC really has some of the most amazing patterns with the most user friendly instructions out there!!


I've been sewing for about two years now. Well, that is if you don't count my mother trying to teach me to sew as a child! I grew up with an amazing seamstress for a mother. She made most of the clothes I wore and ALL of my church clothes for most of my childhood. I remember saving money to buy my first store bought Easter dress the year I was in 10th grade. I had NO appreciation for my mother's talent and was so disappointed when I came home with a new dress and my mother pointed out all the poor skills used to make it! She was shocked I'd spend money on such poorly made stuff. It still cracks me up to think of that!

After I became a mother to girls I appreciated her skill so much more. My mother sewed a little bit for my oldest (now 15 who was NOT into all the ruffles and frilly clothing). When I had my second daughter, and realized she was going to be much more interested in girlie clothing, I had my mother give me sewing lessons...again! This time, I paid better attention.  After I caught the sewing bug I was unstoppable. My parents are my next door neighbors and I was at their house ALL THE TIME using my mother's sewing machine - the sewing machine she bought herself her senior year of high school! After a few months, my dad bought me my first sewing machine. I think it was a combination of being proud of me following in my mother's footsteps finally as well as a way to get peace and quiet at his house again!

At one point, I realized I was sewing more than my daughter could possibly wear. I was posting projects on Facebook and friends were offering to purchase the things I made. I'd been to craft fairs where I felt like poor product was being sold so I was hesitant to sell at first. In the end, I approached a few friends who'd been interested in my sewing abilities and offered to sew for them for a pretty low cost.

I opened up shop in February of last year! Nothing has been the same since. I've been on a whirlwind of sewing like crazy! What I enjoy most about my business is planning new outfits. I love sitting with my sketchbook and coming up with ideas for putting fabrics and patterns together! Creating new things is my favorite part of sewing.

 Congratulations Wildflower Child Boutique!!!
Check back tomorrow for Bethany's awesome product packaging tutorial!

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