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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Easy Tips for Taking Great Photos from our New Photography Consultants!

Hi! We are Julie from The Queen Bee Clotherie and Addy from Addy K Photography filling in for Robin today. We are here to chat with you about photography, and please make sure you read all the way through because there is a cool giveaway and coupon code included!


So you've sewn your daughter a fabric work of art using a Create Kids Couture sewing pattern, and now you want the photographic evidence. Today I am going to give you some tips that will hopefully help you to get better photographs of your creations. Regardless of whether you are using a point and shoot camera or a DSLR, these simple steps will improve the outcome of your photoshoots.

{Above dresses made using this pattern}

Use natural light whenever possible, using the flash on the camera will make the light unevenly diffused throughout the picture.  If you are taking photos inside, try to find a good source of light from a window, skylight or glass door.  Flourescent or incandescent house lighting can give your photos a strong yellow-ish or blue-ish cast.

  IMG_7890 IMG_7889

On the left is an example of where I used my DSLR on "Auto" and let it make all of the decisions for me. It chose to fire the flash and as a result, the background in very dark while the foreground leaves on the bush are brightened up. On the right, I put the camera back in manual and made all of the decisions for it with regards to ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperature, Focal Point and no flash. These pictures were taken 1 minute from each other, but you can clearly see that the one lit with natural light is much more visually appealing.

{Above skirt is made using this pattern}

If you are taking photos outside, avoid dappled sunlight which causes uneven light spots on your subject, avoid direct overhead sun which causes squinting and "dead" light, try to find some sheltered sunlight (ie. under an over hanging roof, just inside a garage door etc) so that the sun can still light your subject, but your child won't have to squint.

{Above top is made using this pattern. Pants made using this pattern}

 To get beautiful crisp eyes with catchlights, look for the light in their eyes, try having your child stand still and follow you with their eyes. You move around your subject until you see light reflected in their eyes to acheive catchlights.


Scan your background, see what will show up in your picture, avoid messy or cluttered backgrounds.  It is easier to have your child take a couple of steps in a different direction than it is to photoshop out mess! Check for things that might end up looking like they are growing out of your child's head, because once you notice that in a picture, you can never un-notice it!


Do a quick scan for runny noses, messy faces or anything else that you won't want to look at later, such as a crooked sash perhaps?


Try to keep the photo shoot fun for your child

{Above is my example of a child NOT having fun during a photo shoot, hehe!}
She is wearing a dress made from this pattern.

Download an app that makes funny noises, come prepared with some funny jokes or words to say,  and find ways to make your child smile.  Sometimes we alternate their choice of pose with my choice of pose!  Can you guess whose choice of pose these are??



Practice having your child pose in ways that emphasize the beauty of the outfit. If there are ruffles in the back, try having your child sit on a fence looking back at you over their shoulder or walking away then looking back at you.


Here we are emphasizing the back view with the waist sash tied in a pretty bow:

If the skirt is super twirly, put your camera in a sports mode or use a high shutter speed in order to catch them in mid twirl while remaining in focus. Create Kids Couture is ALL about the twirl factor!




And finally "golden hour"... it is the hour before sunset when the natural daylight is at it's yummiest! There are free apps that you can download or websites you can consult, just google "Golden hour" and you can find out exactly what time it happens in your area. Then get out there and click away!

{Above dress made using this pattern}
{Above top is made using this pattern}

AND NOW, for the exciting part! If you've enjoyed reading about how to take better photos, or you want to take your photos to the next level, OR you just want to join an amazing community of other camera-crazy moms, you MUST check out Clickinmoms. There are hundreds of tutorials as well as in depth workshops, such as The Best Darn Beginner Course Ever  (which is where I started and seriously, it is amazing how much info you are presented with in this course!)

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Hope you enjoyed reading our blog post, we'll be back next month with more photography tips and tricks!

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