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Thursday, August 23, 2012

What's hot this month- Fabric Consultant

Hi everyone! My name is Brenda and I own Pink Castle Fabrics. I'm interrupting Shannon and Tiffany's regular post today to talk to you all about fabric!
Each month I'm going to stop by and let you know what's coming up in the next few weeks and point out some things you should look for. The fabric industry is stepping up it's game and putting out more and more great lines and it's easy to get lost in everything that is coming out. I will do my best to highlight things I think are going to be big winners so you don't miss out!
To recap last month we talked about:
This month has been pretty hectic around here! New lines just keep filing in and each one is better than before. You may want to hide your wallet somewhere safe before proceeding to read this post!

Again, this month comes blaring in with some heavy hitting fabric lines. Denyse brings the heat for her second line of the year! Take a break, woman! (just kidding...don't!) Chicopee is a quilter's dream. Small prints for cutting into small pieces and the whole collection looks amazing together:
Do you see that? That's talent! Denyse's prints can each hold their own individually but there's nothing that clearly outshines the rest when you put them together! Amazing.
Madrona Road by Violet Craft
Talk about another line thats colors all look amazeballs together! Seriously! AND there are some REEEEEALY cute prints in this line...
Do you see that? There's a donkey next to the mailbox. I don't know why that gets me everytime but it does. This line is so sweet and comes with A LOT of great blenders (the little sprout prints and the haystacks!) AND looks excellent for clothing too. I've been eyeing those Wild Carrot prints for a top for myself!
Field Study by Anna Maria Horner
It's really difficult for me to choose just a few prints from this line to feature. Each print in Anna Maria's new line is so bold and colorful. A lot have around 12 different colors in them! As with most of her fabrics, these just make a statement. Her art is so beautiful and full of depth but even the simplest prints in the line are incredibly visually attractive
This line just arrived a week ago and is already flying off the shelves.
Marguerite by Stitch Studios
Riley Blake's new line by Stitch Studios is so sweet. It has beautiful soft colors without being to babyish. This line pairs floral and girly prints with dots and bias stripes!
Look at these little scallops...such a great complimentary print!
Make sure you stop by the shop and check out our End of the Summer Clearance! There are over 300 fabrics priced to sell to make room for all the new lines!
Next month we are going to see some awesome new lines from Melody Miller and Echino coming in from Kokka Japan and Sarah Jane's new Out to Sea line! You won't want to miss out on those new lines! Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to get up to date emails from me about new fabric and sales! Thanks for letting me pop in and take over Shannon and Tiffany! Until next month!

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