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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dream On....

I really wanted to share this with everyone because I just love it and it is such a great message. Tiffany had it posted on her wall when I woke up so I definitely stole it from her. lol. Obviously it spoke to both of us. Everything we have right now is from pure hard work and having a goal to reach. You have to be driven and I suggest you set a goal for your business today--if you haven't already. You may have NO idea how you're gonna get there, but that's part of the fun! I'll tell you what our goal is/was and I would love to hear some of your goals! Tiff and I decided around Thanksgiving last year that we wanted to have paper patterns and go to Fall Quilt Market. We had absolutely NO idea how to do any of it. But we took it step-by-step and here we are with paper patterns and a booth paid for at Fall Quilt Market. After we get back we'll have to figure out a new goal, but you can bet that it will be BIG and we'll have no idea how we're gonna get there! That's what keeps our job interesting and going in the right direction. 

Now....what's your goal?!? We would love to hear! And if it's not hard to get there, then you aren't dreaming big enough!!!

Happy Sewing Dreaming!
Shannon and Tiffany

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