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Sunday, July 29, 2012

How to Print your PDF Patterns!

Hi everyone! It's me, Tiffany, and I'm *gasp* actually writing a blog post! :)

We are often asked about printing and how to get your pattern pieces to print properly! I thought I would make this blog to show some photos and further explain how to ensure they print properly!

First of all, the pattern pieces should be printed on standard 8.5” x 11” paper. Before printing, check to make sure you have the proper settings. The "Auto Rotate and Center" box must be ticked, and page-scaling must be set to "None” or “100%.” This is VERY important. Above is a screen shot to show you exactly what this means. Your print screen might look slightly different, but the options should be the same. The red ovals above show the options that must be selected. 

After printing, find the 1” square on the printed pattern piece. Use a ruler or measuring tape to make sure the square is exactly 1”. If the square is even a little bit larger or smaller, it can throw off your sizing and the outfit will not fit properly! You will need to check your settings and try printing again, until your square measures exactly 1” as shown above. We recommend printing only from the latest version of Adobe Reader. (It’s free.) Other readers may appear to be correct but do not always print to scale. 

When you have finished printing your pieces and you know they measure correctly, you are ready to tape them together and cut your fabric!

Happy Sewing!! 

Tiffany and Shannon


  1. I am trying to print the Eleanor pattern. Some pages are printing correctly and then some are printing blank. I went to my history and downloaded it again thinking that the pdf was corrupt but still no luck. Any advice? Thank you!!

    Kathryn Samford

  2. same thing happened to me... half the pages are blanks and when i print certain pages, it completely prints randomly and not the pages i asked it to. never had a problem with other peoples pdf files

  3. I'm trying to print the river recital skirt but the file wont open?

  4. If you have problems with a pattern, please email us at so that we can assist you easier. Thanks!

  5. I am looking for a instructional video on couture sewing. I want to get into pageant dress making, Can you help me?


  6. I downloaded the new Persia bell bottom pdf and it is only wanting to print on one page I do I get it to print out into multiple pages like this listed in the instructions?

    1. You are probably trying to print the A0 pieces. The pattern pieces for a regular pattern are at the end of the instructions pdf file.

  7. I am placing the shoulder straps on the back bodice of the Aideen pattern. The back is 9inches wider than the front bodice, is that correct?

  8. Im putting the shoulder straps onto the back bodice of Aideen Pattern. The back bodice is 9 inches wider than the front bodice, is that correct? The straps look wide apart to me.

  9. My pattern pieces for the Winnie Hooded Dress printed well but they do not match. The front of the dress is shorter than the back. The shoulder seams are different lengths. This can't be right! I used an updated Adobe and the settings are at auto and 100%. Please send suggestions.. these are Christmas gifts that I need to start on. Thank you!

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  11. I'm currently trying to print the Bell Bottom legging in size 2T. when I get to the circle pattern it's not printing out correctly. Please help

  12. I am having issues printing the pattern. I followed all instructions and check all boxes and it still won't print correctly. Please help. Thank you.

  13. I really enjoyed all of articles on this website, I hope you will continue to have similar posts to share with everyone.