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Saturday, June 9, 2012

I'm "Pin" crazy!

Hi everyone!! It's Tiffany here and this is my "first" blog ! YAY!!  Shannon does all our blogs  (she's just so good at it!) but I had an amazing idea weeks ago that we thought would be so fun for all of us and I finally have a free moment to post about it and set it up!
I LOVE Pinterest ! I find myself on there for hours, looking at colors, fabrics, photos, anything that just calls my attention and inspires me to create! One day just for fun I typed in "Create kids couture" and WOW was it exciting to see all the pins our lovely fans have posted of all our goodies!! I was so thrilled and thought how fun it would be to have a contest using Pinterest !!

What you do is find your favorite CKC pattern and pin it! You can do this from our website Createkidscouture, our Etsy page, CKC Etsy, or even Here from our blog! Whomever can get the most "repins" will win 3 Free patterns!!! (How great is that!!)

You will have until Friday night June 15th to collect pins! You can also pin more then 1 if you like as well! Post the link to your pin here in a comment so we can see it! Now we can't end the contest at a certain time, because there's no way we can look at all the pins at say 9pm to verify a winner, but we will be keeping a close eye and say 2 of you are neck and neck why not just have 2 winners :)

So now is the time, we have so many new patterns just released you could use!

Also here are some new releases you've been waiting for!!! My favorite is....
 Tiffanys Sweetheart Patchwork Twirl Dress

Or Our new rihannas flower pants and capris

Thanks everyone! Happy "Pinning"
Tiffany and Shannon!

1 comment:

  1. I'll be on that!! I'm a pinterest queen, in my circle, with almost 7000 pins! Im ah..following you!!