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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Patterns {Part 2}

As promised, here is the second set of patterns....from December. HA!
We have plan to do this month-by month, but at this point we are still playing catch-up! Expect to see a couple more of these in the next few weeks....not that you'll believe me since you've heard this line before!

First up is Molly! I got the idea of making a dress that looked like an apron peasant dress, but didn't actually have an apron. I liked the idea of adding some lace embellishments to make it look like an apron even moreso. I created the dress above for the Fall 2011 Collection in my personal boutique, Dashingly Dainty Designs. This picture was taken by one of our testers. Isn't her daughter the cutest!?! I came up with the name Molly from the American Girl books I read when I was younger; she was my fave! I know they make American Girl Dolls now, but know absolutely nothing about them! lol. Are they even based on the books anymore???

Next up is Claire's. If you haven't noticed we love patchwork. LOOOOOOOVE patchwork. Sure, its a pain in the you-know-what to sew all those darn squares, but do you see the outcome? I created the Claire's pattern for my personal boutique, Dashingly Dainty Designs, as a Thanksgiving Dress. I wanted to recreate the pillowcase dress in a way it hasn't been done before. I sold quite a few and had multiple people ask me for the pattern. At that point I knew, this had to be one of our patterns eventually! We named it Claire's because it was named Claire's in my boutique. I named it after my cousin's daughter because she is just so cute and I tend to name my outfits after people I know; I don't think too hard about it! lol. The photograph was taken by Mia Moo Designs (she also made the adorable necklace that is pictured with it).

We visit Zulily a lot! Mostly because we love getting great deals on clothes for our kids but also because we love seeing what people are creating for children's clothing. We have got a few ideas from Zulily and the Caroline's Princess Top was one of them. Of course, Tiffany found this top and wanted to put her own spin on it and when she made it and it ended up being completely different!  Tiffany also came up with the great idea to create a pair of pants that would mimic the style of the top, thus she created Bonnie's Princess Ruffle Pants! How perfect right? So you must now be asking us where we got the name from and I'll tell ya: The Vampire Diaries. Tiffany loved that show and she was talking about it so much for so long I finally had to watch it for myself. I watched every episode from the start until I was caught up in about a week! lol. (I watch a lot of Netflix when I sew) So obviously, when we were searching for names for our newest patterns we just had to reference to The Vampire Diaries. Hello!

Next up on the list is Elena...which we ALWAYS spell wrong! We named it and even we can't get it right ::sigh:: This was a dress that Tiffany created for her personal boutique and it was a big seller!!! This is personally one of my favorite patterns we have made. The outcome is full, twirly, and beautiful every time. People LOVE this dress and always comment when my daughter wears it out. This is a prime example of what we do best: over the top boutique! Ruffles, layers, peasant style, and shirring; all of our favorites! Obviously, if you are familiar with The Vampire Diaries than you know where this name came from. lol. If you're not, well, it's named after the main character in The Vampire Diaries. lol. When we find a theme for naming patterns we really stick with it! Picture by Forty Toes Photography.

The last pattern I'm gonna talk about is Jenna's Lace Ruffle Pants. These pants are the basic ruffle pants with CKC twist: embellishment! I had had this idea in my head for quite awhile--adding lace to a pair of ruffle jeans. It's nothing crazy but it adds a nice touch and gets people to step out of their comfort zone and learn that they too can use things like lace in their outfits. I created these jeans last fall; Tiffany says I'm the first person she's ever seen make ruffle jeans, but I swear I've seen them somewhere before so I won't take credit, lol, oddly enough, after I created mine and she quickly created her triple ruffle jeans we started seeing them everywhere last fall. We know you all copied us, but its okay. LOL. Just kidding. I've seen them before somewhere else...that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Anyway, as you can guess these were a huge hit last Fall so obviously we had to make a pattern from it! We named them Jenna because well, we were big into The Vampire Diaries last month...but this is our last reference so you can stop laughing at us now!

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