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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fan of the Month

This is totally a day late and I'm sorry but I think I have a good excuse. As it would just so happen, I was sitting in my living room on Monday, working on putting together the tutu for our Free Tutorial Tuesday, when my daughter started screaming, crying, and grabbing her nose. She was laying on the floor watching tv right in front of me so I just assumed she scratched the inside of her nose...that is until I felt something hard in her nose. Ut-oh. We had to take her to the doctor to get a bead removed from the inside of her nose. She was a trooper considering it took 4 adults to pin her little 2 year old body down--she is similiar in strength to The Hulk when she is upset--and we all probably lost a little hearing...but, yeah, she's a trooper. Anyway, this is why the tutorial yesterday was so late and why I completely forgot about posting this.

Onto the good stuff: Fan of the Month. Last month, we had you like a post on our Facebook Fan Page in order to qualify, this week we are going to have you follow our blog. If you are already following our blog, you can leave now because you are already qualified! YES! If you are not following us yet, then go to the right of the screen where you see a bunch of thumbnail pics of people's faces and do whatever it says to follow us!

We will choose one lucky winner at 9pm EST and they will win a FREE single pattern of their choice. How easy is that?!? Good luck and *thank you for being a friend* (sing to the tune of the Golden Girls theme song) lol. Don't act like you didn't love them.

Kiki and Kara set and Mia Dress

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