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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Patterns...Sort of.

So...I have a confession to make. We've been bad bloggers. We started this blog with good intentions! Does that count for anything?  I'm going to try and keep this blogging thing up starting with a recap of some of our newest patterns.

Now, the last time we wrote about our new patterns was back in September and we talked about our t-shirt dress, tutu tights, and ruffle fabric patterns. We've had, ohhhhhh about 20 patterns come out since then! lol. I don't think I can write about all of them in one blog. That might be a bit much. I'm gonna break this up into 2 blog posts (one today and probably one tomorrow). If you are more than familiar with our patterns, this is still a fun post to read because we list some fun facts on how we chose the names, whose pattern idea it was, you know, stuff that doesn't really matter but is still interesting to learn! lol.

First we release Sophia's. I'm pretty sure everyone is very familiar with this dress as it is our second best-selling pattern to date! Tiffany created the idea of this after seeing something similar of Etsy, but wasn't able to find a pattern so she created her own...she's so resourceful. Tiffany sold many of these in her personal boutique Whimsical Willows Couture, but how could she not? They are adorbs! How we came up with "Sophia" as a name is NOT interesting. lol. We just picked a pretty name. This dress was photographed by Tiffany on her daughter at a gorgeous local park by us. It was edited by Artistic Cliques Photography! She is one of my fave photogs to work with.

Next we created Olivia's! When we created Sophia's, we were heading into Autumn and the ruffle butt bloomers that Tiffany sold in her boutique along with Sophia's just didn't seem like it would be a very big seller during the cold months. That's when we got the brilliant idea to add ruffles to the butt of a pair of pants. Perfection! That is called problem solving with style. lol. Again, the name has no interesting story other than I originally called it Emma and Tiffany changed it to Olivia. lol. I think she made the right move, but there will be an Emma something someday!  Btw, this picture is from Heather over at Lulu Bell Boutique; she tested these two patterns and is a regular tester...I'm sure you would recognize her daughter!

Next up is MY Personal fave...LOLA! I created this pattern for my personal boutique Dashingly Dainty Designs for my Spring 2011 Collection. I had both of these fabrics for over a year before I thought to pair them together to create this design! This was a best-seller in my boutique and I really think the pictures from Tammy Cedar Photography MADE this dress! She was able to showcase the twirliness of this dress which is the main selling point. Can't get more boutique than twirly tiers! This dress was also the inspiration for Tara's tutu tights. I made tutu tights for the very first time for this dress (in fact, the ones pictured WERE my very first pair). Since it was twirly and fun and I needed a sassy name! One of my customer's daughter's name at the time was Lola and it fit perfectly.

This cute dress is Katy's! It  was created after Tiffany and I were looking for outfits for our daughters on Zulily--we're addicted--we saw a dress that was similar and changed a few things to fit our style. We wrote and designed the pattern in just one day! It hasn't been a great seller, but hopefully this Spring/Summer it will be a hit because it is really cute! This photo was taken by Blue Dot Photography. Tiffany came up with the name Katherine from Vampire Diaries, but I changed it to Katy's when I was editing the pattern because I thought it was too long. I wasn't watching Vampire Diaries at the time, but now that I'm addicted, I wish I would have kept it! lol.

Next we created Kiki and Kara. Tiffany designed this for a sister set we made together for our personal boutiques. Kiki's, was actually supposed to be a dress, but when Tiffany went to make it, she made a miscalculation and this is what she got! Obviously, it was a good mistake as this is one of our best-selling patterns so far. She then created these adorable triple ruffle pants to go with Kiki's. The more ruffles the better, right? This outfit is the epitome of boutique! The picture on the left is half of the sister set we made photographed by Tiffany on her daughter. The picture on the right is from Becky of Becky's Baby Boutique. I think Tiffany came up with the name Kiki because it was sassy like the top and we used Kara because it was another short "K" name.

Finally, we have Mia's! This dress was created to be my piece in the matching sister set with Tiffany for our boutiques. I had seen the style around Etsy, but wanted to make it even more full and fun! Since I couldn't seem to find a pattern for what I wanted, I decided to make it up myself! This dress was photographed on my daughter by myself. We had Artistic Cliques Photography edit for us!

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  1. I love this!! It's. Really neat idea! I think it let's people get to know you ladies on a slightly more personal level.