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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Policy on Sharing Patterns...

It has come to our attention that our patterns have been shared with people who did not pay for our patterns. Tiffany and I worked very hard to create our patterns and sharing them with all of you was NOT easy for us to do. We are two stay-at-home-moms  who own our own clothing boutiques. Many people asked us for our personal patterns and it took us well over a year to finally give in and share them with all of you. Some of you may think that its just $10 and its not a big deal, but when you consider the time it took to make these patterns and how much we could potentially lose out on in our personal boutiques because we are no longer the SOLE creators of these pieces it's a lot!
If we do find out that you are sharing patterns you will be placed on our "blacklist" and will no longer be allowed to test OR buy our patterns. If you do, we will immediately refund you. We do not want to put anyone on this list and sincerely hope we never have to. We hope everyone understands.
Thanks and happy sewing!


  1. That sucks in a big way :( I pay for my PDF's and I LOVE THEM. I havent purchased any from your shop yet,but I am definately hearting some today. I clicked over from another site onto your etsy shop. I generally only use PDF's now since they are so much easier to purchase and use :)
    I hope you find out who is doing it! Good luck!

  2. I know that is very frustrating...I just made my first purchase from you and VOW that I will never share the pattern! Thanks for making the patterns available for purchase.