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Friday, July 1, 2011

We Are Officially...

open for business! Yay! It only took us a month of hard work to open shop, but Tiffany and I are very proud of ourselves for finally doing something we've wanted to do now for over a year. Make sure you come check our shop out here on Etsy to support us! So far we have 6 different patterns, with many more coming soon!

Here they all are with a little background on each pattern:

This was our first pattern: Anika's Ruffle Capri Romper. I created this pattern after not being able to find a sleeved romper style out there that I liked. It was created for my Spring 2011 Line for my personal boutique: Dashingly Dainty Designs.
The gorgeous outfit and pictures were created and taken by Rachelle over at Isadora. She is a fellow boutique here in Michigan and we just adore her work!


This is the second pattern we introduced: Chloe's Party Peasant Dress (or Chloe's PPD as Tiffany and I refer to it). Fun Fact: The dress somehow got named after Tiffany's CAT! lol. We were trying to come up with a cute girl's name and her cat ran by right then, the rest is history! Tiffany created this for our Fall Line last year for a boutique we worked together at. It was a huge hit and how could it not be?!? Here it is pictured in an adorable corduroy owl print from Joann's on her daughter. If you are a fan of Tiffany's personal boutique, Whimsical Willows Couture, you get to see a lot of this cute face!

Our third pattern was Penny's Patchwork Twirly Dress. Another dress that was created by Tiffany. I'm not sure how she comes up with the ideas for these great pieces? Maybe I should have had her write this first blog! This dress has received TONS of emails asking where she got the pattern--one more reason we decided to create patterns!

This was the fourth pattern we released! How cute is this top? Its Ruby's Cap Sleeve Sun Top and man, is it simple to make! Its just another of Tiffany's creations. She created this piece for her Spring 2011 Mix and Match Line. We wanted this to be one of the first patterns we released because obviously, its cute, but we wanted some very easy and fast pieces for beginners as well!


This next piece was released to be a match for the Ruby's Top Pattern. Here we have Gaby's Side Ruffle Capris and another of Tiffany's gorgeous creations! Tiffany is always trying out new ideas to stay a step ahead of other boutiques so it was no surprise that these adorable capris were created!  They feature a unique ruffle going down the leg and a two-toned pants ruffle.
This adorable picture came from one (of a few) of our favorite testers: Megan from Oh Sew Sweet Boutique! She made this adorable outfit for her daughter and we just LOOOOOVE it!

Look..What's that up above? Is it a skirt? Is it a shirt? It's a Skirt Shirt!!! This was our sixth and final pattern: Izzy's Double Ruffle Skirt Shirt! It was created guessed it....Tiffany! We just adore this skirt! It is cute and, again, SO simple. We decided to add this to the mix because we wanted to have a little bit of everything when we opened up! You can't have a little bit of everything if you don't have a skirt! Viola!

I hope you've enjoyed everything we've created so far. We had so much fun creating these patterns and we look forward to working on MORE! Be sure to check us out on Facebook and become our fan to see what we are working on next! If you have any questions OR have any suggestions for new patterns, please either comment below or email us over at

Happy Sewing!

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