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Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Patterns This Month...

Well, we need to work on how often we post. lol. With both of us having our own boutiques AND sharing this one, things like blogs easily become overlooked. I know we want to put a big focus on this blog in the future so we will be stepping it up by offering some FREE tutorials on here as well as some weekly Tips & Tricks!

Let's move onto the good stuff.... We've listed a couple new patterns already this month--5 to be exact but whose counting?!? And the month is NOT over yet!

Here is a little background on each pattern:

First we released Tasha's T-Shirt Dress 2 Ways this was the very first outfit I created by myself! I saw a similar outfit at Target and I didn't want to spend the money on it so I had the genius idea to create it myself and just went for it. I sold tons of these cute dresses last year in my personal boutique: Dashingly Dainty Designs. This year, I decided to get fancy and add a border to it! Woohoo! Let's get crazy! lol.

This next outfit is Tiana's Petti Party Dress. This is a take on the Tasha's T-Shirt Dress, kind of a Shannon-Tiffany collaboration. Or a Shannon Creation with a Tiffany Twist, if you will. Obviously we got this idea while we were writing the pattern for the Tasha's Dress and we KNEW we had to roll with it and we are so glad we did because people are LOVING it! And seriously, how can you not? Do you see how cute this is? lol. There is also a variation in the pattern on how to make the chiffon striped! Fun!

 This is the Tara's Tutu Tights Pattern!  I created these tights after seeing them online and scouring the internet for a decent pattern--which by the way, I could NOT find. So again, I just went for it and it was a huge hit! These really are so simple to make and can make a huge impact on an outfit! They were and continue to be a great seller in my personal boutique.
By the way, how cute is the one our pattern tester Tiffany from Tutu Precious made? We include the single color, striped and swirled variations in the pattern.


This next pattern is Josie's Ruffle Fabric Peasant Dress --we're not too creative with the names over here. lol. Anyways, you may notice that I've included two pictures of this dress, I seriously couldn't resist! Do you see how CUTE Tiffany's daughter is? She is so happy jumping around in this dress! lol. Sooo...again, this is a Shannon and Tiffany collabo and we love it! It is made using the NEW Ruffle Fabric that just started becoming popular that there are hardly NO patterns for! We have some more patterns using this very fabric in the works so be on the lookout soon. And be sure to click on "Ruffle Fabric" above to be taken to the best selection of ruffle fabric on the internet.

Last, but certainly not least is Bella's Ruffle Fabric Romper....and it MAY be named after a one Bella Swan, but we will neither confirm or deny. Again, this is a Tiffany and Shannon collaboration. We came up with this one and Josie's in the same day. They were just too cute to NOT create them immediately! Plus, there is nothing out there like it right now! It's unique and it's totally us!

We have two patterns below out to testers and we are working out the kinks. For some reason, these are the first two patterns that we've had to really revise since we started making patterns. We made it through 11 patterns, so that's pretty good if you ask me!



I hope you've enjoyed everything we've created so far. We had so much fun creating these patterns and we look forward to working on MORE! Be sure to check us out on Facebook and become our fan to see what we are working on next! If you have any questions OR have any suggestions for new patterns, please either comment below or email us over at

Happy Sewing!

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