Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to Tape CKC Patterns Together

So this post is for all the newbies. We get lots of emails and Facebook messages everyday, with questions from fans on how to do things. As our fan base grows, so does the amount of time we spend answering questions and it gets overwhelming at times. We want to help you learn to sew, but have limited time to handle it all, so we're going to be posting some of our most frequently asked questions here on the blog for quick reference.

Today's questions is, "How do I put this pattern together???"

You've just got your first CKC pattern and you cannot wait to start sewing. You click "print" and end up confused as heck with the pile of papers spewing out of the printer.

Never fear. Help is here!

First, a few printing tips. Make sure the auto rotate and center box is not checked and page scaling is set to none. Then, you might want to preview the pattern to be printed in print preview to make sure your paper orientation will work with the pattern . Some patterns need to be printed portrait and others landscape. It's easy to tell if you need to flip to landscape, just look to see if there is any of the pattern hanging out in the greyed out area. If there is, just switch to landscape and you'll be ready to print. See, this is a pants pattern and the crotch area is in the grey; I need to switch to landscape. To do that, I click "Properties" and then "Features" and then fill in the "Landscape" button.

OK, now you have a pile of papers, time to sort them out. OK, so hopefully you still know your ABC's, because you're going to need them.

Each page is labeled with one or more letters depending on the pattern. The letters will go in alphabetical order. The photo above is of my first two sheets of paper, and as you can see, they are both labeled A B, one at the bottom the other at the top by the thick notches. The bottom of the second sheet here says C D, so my 3rd sheet of paper should also be C D at the top.

See how I have them all laid out nice in alphabetical order? (I majored in English in college, thank God)

OK, now it's time for tape!

Take your first two pieces and put them together, overlapping them so that the letters and notch marks overlap exactly. Here,  my A B first piece goes directly on top of my A B second piece and I tape the seam. Continue all the way down the end of the pant leg with the remaining pieces. In this pattern, that's 5 pieces. .

And I have one left over, the crotch needs to be taped on for the largest two sizes. There it is, all by itself over on the right hand side. Same deal, just overlap the letters and tape! That's it!

Now, all you have to do is cut out the pattern for the size you are making. 

I am making 6- 12 months pants, so I cut off a lot of extra pattern! Once you get a feel for piecing the patterns together, you will learn that, depending on the size you are making, you may not have to print all the pages. Like my pants, I really only needed to print pages 1 and 2.

Well, there you go. That's pattern piecing, and now that you can put the pattern together, have fun sewing!

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