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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Weekly Wound Up

I spy a lot of pink, red, and purple popping up in our sewing groups. That's a sure sign that Valentine's Day is around the corner!  It's inspiring to scroll through and take in all the creations. Be sure to come check them out and show us yours too!  In our Weekly Wound Up I'll show you some new releases that will help out with your holiday sewing too. 

New Releases

Look how adorable!  Now you can sweeten your Valentine projects with three new embroidery files! They are "Love Birds" Applique, "Love Ninja" Applique, and a "Decorative Heart" Embroidery design, which includes three versions.  You can use them on all kinds of creations, from frilly outfits to basic tees, to pillows or blankets, you name it! 

We have SIX new doll releases for you this week, and guess what -- they all include sizing for the new Wellie Wisher's dolls!  That's right, they now come with 15", 18", and 14" sizing.   The new styles that are available are Aleya's, Jewel's, Perla's, Shiloh's, Tenley's.  They're all super adorable!

And then to make it even better, we also have a new doll carrier pattern too.  Moses' Take-a-long Doll Bed is perfect your little one to tote her doll everywhere she goes! 

 You can purchase one or all of these doll patterns for 30% off through Sunday!  And don't forget about our automatic Tiered Pricing. The more you buy, the more you save. Go ahead and grab the girls' sizes to match while you're at it! 

On the Blog

"How many outfits does my kid need?  Shirts? Pants? Underwear? What about for the next season?"  

Come download our handy Kids Wardrobe Checklist (it's free!) to help you know exactly what to buy/make for each of your kiddos!  


If you're still trying to decide on which pattern to use for that perfect outfit, be sure to check out our Designer Deals for this month! Some of our very favorite patterns have been marked down to half price, and you can find them all in one place

That's it for this Weekly Wound Up!  We hope you have a fantastic weekend. 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

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