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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fringe Necklace Tutorial

As you've probably noticed, we are in a phase recently where we love all things FRINGE!  Today Tiffany Vela has a new fringe tutorial to share with us, and what I especially love about this project is that we can add fringe to an outfit without having to actually make an all new outfit! (Not that I mind sewing new outfits... but these are super quick!).  I love the detail Tiffany puts into her creations and I'm excited to share this one with you. How gorgeous is this: 

Amazing right?!  Her fringe necklace totally completes the outfit. You don't need any special supplies to make one -- just some strips of knit fabric. What a great scrapbuster!  You can even use part of the tutorial to make a braided headband like she's wearing in the photo. 

Tiffany also used the same technique to make a lace fringe necklace. The steps are the same; you simply use lace fabric instead of the knit fabric:

So pretty!

I love how it dresses up the look and adds an elegant, yet whimsical touch. I'm a fan! 

Tiffany also had our fabulous Morgan make up a few fringe necklaces to model on her daughter:

I love how the choice of fabric can change up the look entirely! 

It looks amazing on a solid colored top. The perfect accent piece. 

Ah! I just love her.  Those curls. <3  Doesn't it look amazing with a sweater too?!  

If you're ready to learn how to make a fringe necklace yourself, here you go:

We hope you love your fringe necklace as much as we love ours! When you have it completed, please come share a photo in our patterns group!  We always enjoy seeing your latest CKC projects.  And if you liked this tutorial, you're sure to love the hundreds of other free projects and tutorials we have here on the CKC blog! 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen


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