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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Meet the Designers!

Who are we at CKC?  We are designers and moms who have an absolute blast providing high quality sewing patterns for you!  While we got our start just a few years ago, we have grown and accomplished so much! Would you believe we have over twenty people on staff now?  We haven't grown too big for our britches though, as my grandma used to say. At heart, we are still a team of moms who simply love to create new designs for our kiddos and customers. And today you can get to know us all a little better!

Before jumping into the individual fun facts, I have to say that as I was putting this together I was wow'ed and double wow'ed by all we have going on here!  Would you believe that in our little group of designers, we have 268+ years sewing experience, 21 degrees, and get this...  71 children! (And 2 more on the way, eek!)  That is a LOT of kids!   And of course that means that we have a lot of motivation to sew up cute stuff for them and be the best moms we can be. Our favorite part of working together as a team is providing the best product to you, our customers! We love that we have a variety of personalities and different styles of training on our team. We want our patterns to be super fun and also beginner friendly. Thank you for helping us get to where we are today!   Okay, enough talk from me... let's get to know each of the designers. <3

We're starting with our two founders and co-owners at CKC, Shannon and Tiffany. Enjoy!

Designer: Shannon Donoghue
Specialty: Toddler girls
Favorite patterns I've designed: Hattie's, Betty's, Poppys, Celeste's, Gemma's 
Location: Michigan 
Favorite fabric: Choosing a favorite fabric is like choosing a favorite child; they all have things about them I love so I can't choose just one!
Favorite sewing skill: Ummm...Ruffles! Hello!!!
Least favorite food: Anything with mustard on it
Interests aside from sewing: I love watching movies with my family
Dumbest thing I've ever done: Waited so long to learn to sew.
Fun fact: my grandma used to make all my clothes as a kid and I grew up wanting to do the same for my daughter one day.
Favorite celebrity: Always has been and always will be Martha Stewart. Is there anything that woman can't do?!?
My favorite part about designing: Seeing people create amazing things that I never would have thought of with our patterns. Every day I'm fascinated with what our customers create.

Designer: Tiffany Vela
Specialty: Girls
Favorite patterns I've designed: Primrose, Skylers, Mandy, Priscilla, Cheyenne 
Location: Michigan 
Favorite fabric: Knits, spandex/Lycra's specifically. I love custom prints. 
Favorite sewing skill: Ruffles! 
Least favorite food: Anything from the sea. I just can't do it.
Interests aside from sewing: Photography, creative lettering and studying the bible. (Eschatology) 
Dumbest thing I've ever done: Ran headfirst into our deck that was being built. I had a nice black eye for weeks. 
Fun fact: I learned to solve a Rubix's cube when I was 10. 
Favorite celebrity: I guess singer Lauren Diagle. I don't really follow celebrities or watch tv. 
My favorite part about designing: Seeing our customers learn and grow and the happy smiling faces of the kids wearing something created just for them by someone they love.💗

Designer: Nikki Luke
Specialty: Women's 
Favorite patterns I've designed: Urlotte, Chantelle, Zelda, Annabelle, and Hunter
Location: Southeast Missouri 
Favorite fabric: Almost any knit but probably cotton Lycra
Favorite sewing skill: Princess seams because they make the fit in busts amazing! 
Least favorite food: Fish since I am allergic
Interests aside from sewing: Photography, cake decorating, anything crafty and bible study
Dumbest thing I've ever done: Smoking when I was younger
Fun fact: Favorite movie is the Princess Bride 
Favorite celebrity: Carrie Underwood because she sticks to her faith even in the public eye. 
My favorite part about designing: Making patterns that actually fit women's bodies.

Designer: Courtney Hetzer Specialty: Social Media; Girls Pattern Designer 
Favorite patterns I've designed: Lexie, Ainsley, Karrington, Paige, and Bree
Location: Texas
Favorite fabric: Floral; purple; the kind that sews itself ;)
Favorite sewing skill: Finally finishing 
Least favorite food: Grilled peppers
Interests aside from sewing: Reading, being outdoors, my family, TV marathons (haven’t enjoyed those since said family)
Dumbest thing I've ever done: Oh not enough space 
Fun fact: I used to love to travel and have had numerous jobs. I’ve lived/studied abroad in England, Czech Republic, Mexico, Alaska, and Colorado. I used to be a bartender, flight attendant, teacher, and librarian. “All those who wander are not lost.”
Favorite celebrity: I like strong Southern gals with good values. My daughter and I went to a Meet and Greet with Ree Drummond- so fun!
My favorite part about designing: Seeing how testers and fans can blow any design expectations I had out of the water!

Designer: Morgan Tolentino
Specialty: Girls 
Favorite patterns I've designed: Nova, Cosette, Brenna, and the one I've been drafting for the last 3 month. (Seriously! Just wait!😍)
Location: Good ole Kentucky 
Favorite fabric: Whatever fabric I don't have in my stash. 😂 #buyallthefabric 
Favorite sewing skill: Pin tucks and pleats
Least favorite food: Anything processed (can you tell I'm a crunchy health nut foodie?)
Interests aside from sewing: Any and all things outdoor, photography, health and wellness/nutrition.
Dumbest thing I've ever done: Walked face first into a solid wood door. 
Fun fact: I'm an outdoor junkie. I spend every spare minute I have with my little family in the woods. You can find us in the Red River Gorge weekly, either hiking, camping, exploring or rock climbing.
Favorite celebrity: I honestly don't know squat about celebs. 
My favorite part about designing: The computer time lol. My comfy kitchen bench, a fresh juice or matcha tea by my side and either Johnny Cash or the sounds of imaginary play coming from my daughter in the back ground. 

Designer: Kristen Nelson
Specialty: Boy patterns, Blogger
Favorite patterns I've designed: Baby Jeffrey's, Zach's, Benjamin's, Elora's, Tansy's
Location: Idaho
Favorite fabric: Riley Blake boy prints
Favorite sewing skill: Buttons and fun topstitching
Least favorite food: Soggy bread 
Interests aside from sewing: Cooking, crafting, reading, gardening 
Dumbest thing I've ever done: Played basketball on a sprained ankle for 2 months in high school. It still bothers me sometimes. 
Fun fact: My first jobs were driving a tractor and teaching swim lessons
Favorite celebrity: Bobby Flay
My favorite part about designing: Teaching new skills and giving confidence. We all start somewhere!

Designer: Dawn Anderson
Specialty: I'm a unicorn. And I moonlight writing for girls.
Favorite patterns I've designed: Sparrow, Francesca, Dawn, Emily, and Bexley
Location: Coastal SC
Favorite fabric: Art Gallery... I can't believe they only let me choose one.
Favorite sewing skill: Ironing and shirring. #shirrallthethings
Least favorite food: Beans. Especially refried, cause ew.
Interests aside from sewing: Fishing, hiking, spending time in nature whether it be the forest or the ocean. I love... 
Dumbest thing I've ever done: I can't think of anything at the moment but I do lock myself
out of the house so often that we have hide-a-keys at all the neighbors' houses to come save me.
Fun fact: As colorful and vibrant as we are in the sewing community, I'm pretty plain and mousy in real life. Also. My daughter hates tutus and spends most of her days in her undies lol.
Favorite celebrity: Johnny Depp can become and embrace any character he sets his mind to. His genre of artistic expression is different from mine but he is definitely someone I would be proud to know. (And let's face it. He's pretty.)
My favorite part about designing: Seeing people breathe life into the design by choosing their own fabric and adding that personal touch.

Designer: Tosha Smith
Specialty: Dancewear
Favorite patterns I've designed: Helga, Everlee, Brylee, Fantasia
Location: Houston, we have a problem!
Favorite fabric: Knit and spandex!
Favorite sewing skill: Ruffling 
Least favorite food: Any and all seafood
Interests aside from sewing: Cycling 
Dumbest thing I've ever done: Ran a 5k in the mud with NO training beforehand... passed out on the course and woke up in the hospital!
Fun fact: I have over 50 hours of tattoo work done and want more!
My favorite part about designing: Being able to give the fans exactly what they want!

Designer: Ashley Maddox 
Specialty: Doll downsizer
Favorite patterns I've designed: Doll Nova, Doll Cosette, Doll Betty, and Doll Larkin
Location: Tennessee 
Favorite fabric: Knit 
Favorite sewing skill: Ruffles 
Least favorite food: Lima beans
Interests aside from sewing: Photography, cooking, reading
Favorite celebrity: Sandra Bullock
My favorite part about designing: I love seeing the end result come together, especially what the testers create!

Designer: Emily Wise
Specialty: Tween upsizer and toddler 
Favorite patterns I've designed: Brewsters, Alexah's, Sybil's, women/tween Betty's, women/tween Hattie's
Location: College Station, Texas
Favorite fabric: Anything on sale
Favorite sewing skill: Ironing (I know, lame)
Least favorite food: Currently fried chicken (pregnancy aversion)
Interests aside from sewing: Photography, homeschooling, crochet, reading, guitar.
Dumbest thing I've ever done: Flipped out at the library at the end of a long homeschool day. Now I think about it every time we go... so embarrassing. 
Fun fact: I have a twin (the next featured designer!)
Favorite celebrity: Taylor Swift?
My favorite part about designing: Photographing my kids.

Designer: Tara Stribling
Specialty: Embroidery
Favorite pattern I've designed: In-The-Hoop Bow
Location: Texas
Favorite fabric: Riley Blake
Favorite sewing skill: Embroidery
Least favorite food: Liver
Interests aside from sewing: Reading, Jogging
Dumbest thing I've ever done: Ate raw oysters when the waiter suggested I get them steamed...I think he knew they'd be risky!
Fun fact: Identical Twin of designer Emily Wise
Favorite celebrity: Ree Drummond
My favorite part about designing: Seeing other people's creations using my designs.

Designer: Leah Gardner
Specialty: Baby Designer
Favorite patterns I've designed: Tallulah and something I’m still working on. My favorite downsizes are Baby Rayna’s and Baby Genevieve’s. 
Location: Germany
Favorite fabric: Art Gallery and Michael Miller
Favorite sewing skill: I love hemming and topstitching. I rarely roll hem anything. 
Least favorite food: Bananas and milk, they make me gag. Seriously they’re gross.
Interests aside from sewing: Any kind of crafting and photography
Dumbest thing I've ever done: One day after shopping with my daughter (ALONE), I put her in the car seat and then got into the passenger side and sat down. There were so many people around, I pretended that I was trying to find something before I got into the drivers side and left. 
Fun fact: I like to listen to reruns of tv shows while I’m sewing. It’s usually The Office, Sopranos, or Medium.
Favorite celebrity: Mindy Kaling. I love her and I need her to be my best friend. 
My favorite part about designing: Seeing what people create with my design!

Designer: Susan Smith
Specialty: Toddler girl
Favorite patterns I've designed: Eleanor, Simone, Jeanette, Maybi, 
Favorite fabric: Everything from Tula Pink!
Favorite sewing skill: I love pleating fabric.
Least favorite food: Black olives
Interests aside from sewing: Singing, piano, scrapbooking, snow skiing
Dumbest thing I've ever done: Made several batches of cookies and totally forgot to add eggs....they were hockey pucks!
Fun fact: I used to be part of a theatre group for people who were hearing impaired! We would sign and dance to songs and traveled all over the place performing.
Favorite celebrity: Kirstin Chenoweth - I'm a Broadway geek at heart.
My favorite part about designing: Seeing what people create with my patterns

Designer: Brooklyn Barlow
Specialty: Pageant Wear and Home 
Favorite patterns I've designed: Cherri, Mae, Kyree, and two more releasing soon. 
Location: Northern Colorado, practically WY
Favorite fabric: Sequin Spandex
Favorite sewing skill: Embellishments and fishing line hems
Least favorite food: Anything fishy
Interests aside from sewing: Pageants,  Figure Skating
Dumbest thing I've ever done: What? I have never done anything dumb??
Fun fact: I have a scar on my tounge.
Favorite celebrity: Taylor Swift
My favorite part about designing: Seeing what others create with a my patterns

Designer: Stephanie Baker
Specialty: Toddler designs
Favorite patterns I've designed: Shiloh's, Savannah's, Blythe's, and Swimsuits! 
Location: North Texas 
Favorite fabric: Art Gallery
Favorite sewing skill: Ruffles, but I iron EVERYTHING while sewing!!
Least favorite food: Anything with nuts, or bananas!!
Interests aside from sewing: Anything outside with my kiddos and hubby. 
Dumbest thing I've ever done: Backed into a truck parked on the opposite side of the street from my driveway...with the hubby and kids in the car!! I was trying not to hit hubby's truck! Mission accomplished! 
Favorite celebrity: Miranda Lambert, I love her strong, independent personality and she refuses to conform to what society thinks she should. BONUS: She's a Texas girl! 
My favorite part about designing: When your husband tells your daughter, while she's wearing one of your designs, that mommy needs to stop buying so many clothes at the store! I love to create! 

Designer: Kara Anderson
Specialty: Social Media Marketing Associate 
Location: Central Illinois 
Favorite fabric: I love knits! And I love the Leicen fabrics from Japan 
Favorite sewing skill: Roll hems on a sewing machine, with my roll hem foot. I rarely roll hem on my serger. 
Least favorite food: Fish. So gross. 
Interests aside from sewing: I'm a huge video game nerd- love some World of Warcraft, crocheting, and other nerdy activities.
Dumbest thing I've ever done: The list is long, lol- I'm kinda ridiculous. I once had a conversation with my son about narwhals. I was telling him they were fake mythological creatures only to have my husband bust up laughing and inform me that narwhals are in fact real. He now point out to me that narwhals are real every chance he gets. 
Fun fact: As a kid my mom tried to teach me to sew. I hated it, and used to cry and throw a fit when I had to go with her to the fabric store. 
Favorite celebrity: Dr. Phil. I have an obsession. Love that show and I think he's awesome. 
My favorite part of what I do is taking all of the amazing tester photos and using them to show how amazing CKC is to everyone who will listen. 

Designer: Elizabeth DeJesus
Specialty: Downsizer, Girls
Favorite patterns I've designed: Kimber, Havens, Emmalyn, Alejandra
Location: Virginia
Favorite fabric: I'm a hoarder of ALL fabric
Favorite sewing skill: All things with buttons or circle skirts 
Least favorite food: Celery
Interests aside from sewing: Baking and photography
Dumbest thing I've ever done: I crashed my husband's motorcross bike and injuring myself by running into his truck because the breaks stopped working. Smart right?!
Fun fact: I'm a Navy Veteran and have an identical twin. 
Favorite celebrity: Tyler Perry 
My favorite part about designing: Seeing my vision(s) come to life and the knowledge I gain along the way. 

Designer: Priscilla Edson
Specialty: Doll downsizer
Favorite pattern I've designed: Doll Amber
Location: Cape Coral, FL
Favorite fabric: Wovens - sucker for florals. 
Favorite sewing skill: Ironing
Least favorite food: Mushrooms & shrimp
Interests aside from sewing: Photography
Dumbest thing I've ever done: I am known to boil water without turning on the burner.
Favorite celebrity: Lana Parrilla and Johnny Depp. 
My favorite part about designing: Seeing tester pics.

Designer: Shannon Buckbee
Specialty: Toddler Girls
Favorite patterns I've designed: Kyra, the free bunny ear pattern, and Evangeline (coming real soon!)
Location: Bryan, Texas
Favorite fabric: I'm currently obsessed with Michael Miller fabrics but it changes.
Favorite sewing skill: I love shirring and playing around with different trims. 
Least favorite food: Italian Food...blah!
Interests aside from sewing: I love to read and usually read 2-3 books per week. I also really love to cook. I'm also a gamer chick and love playing World of Warcraft.
Dumbest thing I've ever done: Broke my wrist playing putt putt golf while I was on a blind date in college! 
Fun fact: My husband and I love animals and we foster newborn bottle fed kittens and puppies for several local rescue organizations in our area. I also have 5 tattoos and am designing a new one. I can quote the entire Steel Magnolias movie!!
Favorite celebrity: Taylor Swift. I love how down to earth she seems and all of the awesome charity work she does. 
My favorite part about designing: Being able to let all of my creativity come out. I love seeing an idea I had in my head come to life through the design process. 

Designer: Tiffany Argueta
Specialty: Toddler
Favorite patterns I've designed: Aleya, Gentry, Jackie, Kamry, Callahan
Location: Dallas, TX
Favorite fabric: I rarely meet a fabric I don't like.
Favorite sewing skill: I have a thing for ruffles, I may be sick in the head. 
Least favorite food: Eggplant
Interests aside from sewing: Reading, Homeschooling my kiddos
Dumbest thing I've ever done: Maybe not "the dumbest" but I misspelled "shirring" in a pattern, thankfully it was caught by testers! 
Favorite celebrity I love Reese Witherspoon. She just has such a sweet, clean reputation. I even named my youngest daughter after her!
My favorite part about designing: I love getting to share my ideas with others and seeing them come to life with other seamstress's vision.

Designer: Sarah Zeig
Specialty: Doll Designer 
Favorite patterns I've designed: Kyra's, Olive's, Makenna's, Gentry's, and Joslynn's
Location: Texas
Favorite fabric: Anything bright. I am really into florals right now!
Favorite sewing skill: RUFFLES....lots and lots of RUFFLES!!
Least favorite food: Fish!!
Interests aside from sewing: Reading, writing, volunteering at my kid's school
Dumbest thing I've ever done: Got my belly button pierced. I HATE my scar! At least it wasn't my eyebrow...that was my original plan!
Fun fact: I was a starter on my highschool volleyball team who won state my senior year. Why is that interesting? Because I am barely 5' tall!! Go shortie!
Favorite celebrity: Nora Roberts (writer)
My favorite part about designing: Seeing posts of others making my design and those smiles on the littles' faces when they pose with their matching dolly!

Designer: Tamara Rykowski
Specialty: Baby Designer
Favorite patterns I've designed: Joslynn, Leela and Paylin ♡ all coming soon! 
Location: Ohio
Favorite fabric: Heather Bailey Up Parasol
Favorite sewing skill: Using different pleat techniques
Least favorite food: Anything ranch
Interests aside from sewing: Photography, reading, and watching my kids reach milestones
Dumbest thing I've ever done: Change hospitals in the middle of labor with my 4th child and *nearly deliver in the car in route to the new hospital. (Yikes!!)
Fun fact: I used to lose my car every time I went in a store and I have learned to always park in row 5 no matter where I'm at so I can always find it! (These children have stolen my brain!)
Favorite celebrity: Julie Roberts 
My favorite part about designing: Waking up, grabbing paper and drawing what was just in my dream. ♡ I almost always dream about designs. 

Designer: Samantha Goforth
Specialty: Girls knit patterns 
Favorite patterns I've designed: None out yet, im brand spankin new!!
Location: Texas
Favorite fabric: Any character knits
Favorite sewing skill: I dont really have one, I love it all, and nothing really fancy is usually involved in what I sew.
Least favorite food: Vegetables
Interests aside from sewing: I dont have any, I didn't know there was anything else... 
Dumbest thing I've ever done: There's no way to narrow it down to one.
Fun fact: My mom used to sew and do crafts and I swore I would never ever do any of it. Well, I was wrong!
Favorite celebrity: How do you narrow this down to one... I would have to say Sandra Bullock.
My favorite part about designing: I have always dreamed of designing and now I can finally share my creativity with others.

Designer: Melissa Walker
Specialty: Women's Pattern Designer 
Favorite patterns I've designed: None yet! I've got some fun one's coming.
Location: Utah
Favorite fabric: Anything floral
Favorite sewing skill: Ruffles
Least favorite food: Fish, beets
Interests aside from sewing: Zumba, watching movies
Dumbest thing I've ever done (most embrassing thing): In High School, I peed my pants when I laughed too hard at a friends party.
Fun fact: I have never been skiing. I also teach kids how to sew.
Favorite celebrity: Carrie Underwood
My favorite part about designing: Seeing the end result and teaching others how to sew!

Designer: Ashley Riley
Specialty: Women's and Maternity: pieces that will work through all stages of womanhood 
Favorite patterns I've designed: I'm working on several that I can't wait for you all to see!
Location: The Aloha state 🍍
Favorite fabric: ALL THE FABRIC but I love Art Gallery!
Favorite sewing skill: I love using grommets and eyelets! 
Least favorite food: Mushrooms, blehhhhh!
Interests aside from sewing: There are interests outside of sewing? 
Dumbest thing I've ever done: I went skydiving! 
Fun fact: I have 6 tattoos!
Favorite celebrity: Ashley Graham for sure! 
My favorite part about designing: Seeing my ideas brought to life through patterning and sewing!

And there you have it!  Wasn't that fun?  I wasn't kidding when I said we have a variety of personalities on our team!  And we wouldn't want it any other way. While we have lots of fun working together, we are inspired every day by YOU and want to create the best patterns we can. If you ever have suggestions, questions, or feedback for us, please email!  We love hearing from you.  

Let's Create! ~ Kristen