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Friday, April 3, 2015

CKC is in Vacation Mode for the Holiday

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At Create Kids Couture we are a family-based business and we greatly value our time with our families. And we know you do too!  That is why, for this holiday, we have chosen to go into "vacation mode" for just a couple days while we dedicate our full attention to our families. You are still very welcome to use our website and resources; it just means a few changes. Here is what you can expect:

The website is still functional. 
Our Facebook group is still active. 
The blog tutorials are still available.
Some of us may be around occasionally. 


If you email us for customer service, we may not receive it until after the holiday. 
If you tag us on Facebook or send a message, we may not respond until after the holiday. 
There will not be any new releases or surprise sales during the holiday. 

I think that about covers it!  We will definitely be back after the holiday, refreshed and ready for more CKC time! Thank you for understanding and we hope you enjoy the holiday too!  

~ Create Kids Couture ~ 

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