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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Weekly Wound Up

It's a big weekend here at CKC! Have you been counting down the days to our site-wide sale?  Well in case you missed the news on our special CKC Calendar, we're having a big celebration for Charlotte's birthday! Plus, we kicked it off yesterday with a couple full size FREE patterns! Be sure to check out all the details in our Weekly Wound Up today. But first things first; let's take a look at our new releases! 

New Releases

We have a SUPER new dog pattern available- Toby's Hooded T-shirt! This casual pullover top is made of all knit is the perfect outfit for year round use. It even comes with a stylish yet functional pocket on the back that allows you to store a couple treats during long walks! Your furry friend is sure to appreciate the hood during chilly, windy days, and the cuteness of this doggie hoodie is sure to make heads turn!

It's time to celebrate the much-anticipated release of the all-new Pandora's Pleated Collar Dress for women! Featuring a darted bodice for a flattering fit and a cute bubble hemline, this amazing dress is perfect for all occasions! With a convenient side seam pocket option, this one was designed for comfort, function AND fashion! Bring on spring and summer with Pandora and make something fabulous for yourself!

We also have an awesome new dance wear set for you. Introducing Fantasia's Fringe Dance set! Just picture your sweetie dancing her heart out with the movement of the fringe following her every move! Fantasia's pattern is great for swimming suits also. Be sure to grab your copy for 30% off today!

On the Blog

Did you know that you can upcycle a cute character tee into trendy shorts, pants, or capris? It's easy! Nikki showed us how to do it on the blog this week and you can come learn too! 

Here's one of the big birthday surprises we mentioned earlier. We have two adorable new patterns at CKC: Kambria's Flutter Stripwork Dress and Kaya's Classic Cloche. Aren't they perfect together? And they are both completely FREE! Come on over and check them out on the blog, where you can download both patterns immediately for no cost. These are going to be your new favorite summer patterns!

Weekend Sale

And last, but definitely not least: What better way to celebrate a birthday than by going shopping?!  And when everything you want is 30% off, that's as good as it gets!  Charlotte (and her friend Natalie) have been the inspiration behind Create Kids Couture from the very beginning, so we knew you would want to get in on the celebration too.  Here's your chance to load up your carts and use the code "Charlotte" at checkout to get 30% off your entire order!  

Please note that the code is valid only our website and that tiered pricing will not be in effect during the sale. 

Our Birthday Bash sale will be going on all weekend long, so take your time and be sure to look through all our categories for patterns you will be wanting through spring and summer! 

Well, that's all for this Weekly Wound Up!  We want to wish you a happy Spring and a wonderful weekend ahead. 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 


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