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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Weekly Wound Up

Are you keeping warm in this crazy winter weather? Two of my boys have been home sick ALL week. And it sounds like we're not the only ones! I do have to say, though, that one good thing has come from it.  My kindergartner has been watching my every move and asking all kinds of questions about my sewing projects. So fun! It slowed me down a bit, but also made it all that much more rewarding. Anyway, here's a little more of what has been going on around CKC this week:  

New Releases

On Monday we released some new trendsetter designs for both women and tweens!  Bebe's Fitted Vest and Stormy's Skater Skirt are perfect for work or play! Bebe's darts and elastic casing back and Stormy's cute pleats and high waist ensure a great fit and flattering look. Both are quick sews and you need these for your last-minute stylish outfits!

Then on Wednesday we released FIVE new baby patterns! Take a look at how adorable they are! We now have Katy's dress, Nova's top/dress, Suzie's top/dress, Mia's dress, and Cora's top/dress, all in baby sizes. These are adorable on the littles and absolutely perfect for spring, summer, and especially Easter! All of these patterns are also available in girls' sizes, so you can even make a matching sister set. 

Yesterday we released Larkin's Fancy Party Dress! This versatile pattern has options that are perfect for every day wear, or a little bit frilly for a birthday, or even an over-the-top fancy princess dress! Larkin has fixed straps, and without the optional sash there are no knots or ties for delicate ladies! The pattern is on sale for 30% off so grab it today! 

On the Blog

The only thing better than a super cute bag pattern is a super cute bag pattern that is FREE! Using our tutorial on the blog, you can make your tote bag either tall or wide, depending on what you want to use it for! I love that it is fully lined and reversible. It also has a nice flat bottom so the contents don't get smashed together when you pick it up. The straps are nice and sturdy and the seams are all enclosed in the layers. It's an all-around fabulous bag! Come sew it today or pin it for later!

Weekend Sale

This weekend we have Jeanette's Ruffle Back Knit Dress on sale for 50% off! Jeanette's has two sleeve length options, an attached sash, and of course those gorgeous ruffles in back that make it much more than just a comfy knit dress! Get it today while it's half off and your pretty girl will be very happy!

Tabitha's Knit T-Shirt Dress and Top is also on sale for half off this weekend! If you're looking for the perfect knit play dress pattern or a cute top to be worn with leggings, Tabitha's is the one you want! It comes with several options and is a pretty quick sew. Not only that, but Tabitha's is available in girls, tweens, and baby sizes -- and all three sizes are 50% off this weekend! Don't wait too long to grab them! 

That's it for our Weekly Wound Up. The calendar tells me that February is almost over; can you believe it?  I hope you have a wonderful start to the new month of March!  Maybe it will be a lucky one for all of us.

Let's Create! ~ Kristen

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