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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2015 Sewing Resolutions

Tiffany and I have been working hard to try and come up with some fun ways to push our fans to try some new techniques. I think so many of us, myself included, get comfortable with our abilities and while we would love to learn new techniques, let's be honest, we just don't always have the time to commit to it. 

Many of you probably remember early in January, when we asked you to blindly have faith in us and fill out our "2015 CKC Sewing Resolutions" survey with promises of something fun to come later that month.... Well, we were off by a week, but it's finally time for that announcement! 

Every month, we are going to have a "Sewing Resolution Sew-Along" where we focus on a new technique that our fans said they wanted to master. We are going to be starting at the end of this month with a beginner sew-along and advancing a little more every month by adding new techniques. The month before each sew-along, we will be focusing our blog posts on tutorials, tips, and tricks related to the following month's sew-along. Here is a run down of the techniques we will be learning each month in the sew-along. 

February - How to Sew
March - Ruffles
April - Other Ruffle Types and Buttonholes
May - Shirring
June - Fitted Bodice Style
July - Buttons and Buttonholes
August - Knit Fabrics
September - Sleeves
October - Zippers and Collars

If you are not a member of our CKC Sew-Along Group, then please join! We would love to have you and help you improve your sewing any way we can! We will be offering two sew-alongs a month: one Sewing Resolution Sew-Along, where we will work together to improve our sewing, and one Fan Favorite so we can enhance our creativity and have fun! 
But the fun doesn't end here! If you were one of the lucky ones that actually filled out the survey, we are giving every single one of you a chance to earn our entire paper pattern collection. All  you need to do is follow these 4 simple steps. 
Step 2: Master the technique you wanted to master this year by participating in the corresponding sew-along. For example, if you were scared of sleeves, you need to join us for the September sew-along so we can help you learn and master sleeves!
Step 3: Sew up the pattern you were most afraid of! If you remember, at the end of our survey, we asked each of you to name one pattern that you were too scared to sew because you didn't have the technique mastered. Sew that pattern up now that you know how! If you don't remember the pattern, you can email us and we will look it up for you. 
Step 4: Share pictures of BOTH completed outfits in our Create Kids Couture Patterns Group. Use the hashtag: #CKCacademy and email us at to let us know you're done!

We look forward to watching you guys grow this year and impress us even more with your sewing skills and creativity! Happy 2015 <3
Shannon and Tiffany

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