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Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Recap

We have some exciting events going on at CKC right now and we don't want you to miss out on them!  We have our first ever Virtual World Fair that anyone can participate in, as well as our big 50,000 Fan Scavenger Hunt with lots of fantastic prizes! Get all the info below, along with our other great happenings from this past week!  

New Releases

This week we released five new tween patterns! Each one is unique so be sure to click each of the links for details and more pics!  The new tween patterns are Dahlia's Flutter Pocket Top, Dress, and Maxi -- Ginger's One Shoulder Top, Dress, and Maxi -- Tabitha's Knit Tshirt dress and top -- Eloise's Ruffled Leggings -- and Abby's Nightgown and Shorts/Capris!  Just look at those happy tweens in their new outfits!  

Stay tuned because we have another pattern releasing later today!  

On the Blog

The Create Kids Couture 50,000 Fan Scavenger Hunt has begun! Head on over to our special blog post to read all about how to play and what prizes you can win! This is huge!

If you have seen "A Christmas Story" you can appreciate this fabulous photo put together by one of our Josh's pajamas testers! Yesterday on the blog Kristi agreed to share her original pattern with us so you can make some cute winter (or costume) accessories for your kiddos too! The pattern is free for download! 


As mentioned above, we have launched our scavenger hunt in celebration of our 50,000 fans! This scavenger hunt will be open for 2 weeks, so you have plenty of time, but get started asap! We have some great sponsors- you'll want to take your time perusing their sites! There will be a total of FIVE winners. Hope you enjoy! 

Do you want to earn some ribbons *and* share your creations with children who could use a little brightening in their day? Come show your stuff at the Create Kids Couture's 1st Annual Virtual World Fair! Mail in your entries and all judged items will be donated to a specific children's hospital for the kids! Please participate - the more involvement the better and all skill levels are welcome! (Did we mention you can earn ribbons and a free pattern for participating?) The deadline is just a couple weeks away!


 This week for our Half-Off Friday pattern, we have Trista's Pixie Hoodie for Women and Tweens!  Trista's features a comfy shirt, bell sleeves, a pixie hood, and of course those cute ruffles at the bottom.  It sews up much more quickly than you might think! My daughter and I both love our Trista's!  Get the pattern today for 50% off!   

Then in girls' sizes we have chosen Rosanna's Corset Peasant Dress as our Half-Off Friday pattern for today!  Rosanna's is a beautiful peasant dress with a corset that ties in front and ruffles on both the skirt and the sleeves, which make it perfect for twirling!

Rosanna's is on sale for 50% off all day today (Friday) and you know you're going to want it for your little cutie as the weather cools down! It's perfect for Fall and Winter (and all seasons, really).  Just think how cute it would be in fall fabric!

That's it for our Friday recap! We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

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