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Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Recap

Tonight it's supposed to get below freezing here in my neck of the woods (goodbye, garden) and I even had to get my kids' jackets out for school tomorrow!  I'm all wrapped up in a blanket until I get used to the cooler temps -- I don't like being cold at all. But what the new weather really means to me is that we have more time indoors, which means more time to sew! Bring it on! 

New Releases

This week at CKC we released Tween William's Formal Accessories Set.  It is perfect for dressing up your guys for special occasions! Think weddings, holidays, and dances - you know they're coming eventually so why not grab the pattern now so you will be prepared? Tween William's also makes really fun casual and novelty accessories. The pattern includes vest, suspenders, and cummerbund in sizes 7/8 to 15/16.

Josh's Knit Pajamas are a must-have for your little guy! They are so comfy and soft and they come in both short and long versions.  Josh's is rated Beginner and you will love how quick it is to sew up a pair! We bet you can't make just one!   

This week we also released three new dolls patterns! On the far left we have a two-for-one pattern, which is  Josie's and Jade's Ruffle fabric dresses. They are both so chic! In the middle photo you can see the ever popular Serena's Stripwork Double Layer Dress, with tons of stripwork and extra twirl! And on the far right we have Keeley's ruffle bow pattern, which is just as striking as the Toddler version.Your little girl will love having a matching outfit for her doll!  

On the Blog

Tasha Engh of Little Chickadee Boutique made this tiny little Cece-inspired Circle Skirt for Barbie, and she has come to show us exactly how it's done, including a free PDF pattern piece! Even if you've never sewn Barbie clothes before, we know you can do it with Tasha's fabulous tutorial pics!

I *love* my new little accessory on my sewing machine! If you haven't tried a seam guide like this before, prepare to be amazed! Yesterday on the blog I did a product review for the Seamingly Accurate seam guide from and you'll want to come check it out! 


Who wants to win some ribbons and patterns, all while helping out a great cause? We would LOVE for you to enter our CKC Virtual World Fair! Don't wait too long because your entries need to be received by the 30th! We can't wait to see your amazing creations in person! 

 We are hosting this cool new giveaway to celebrate our 50,000 fans!! We had to postpone it a bit and we are looking for some more shops to participate! If you would like more information, please email us at Re: "Scavenger Hunt". Thanks!!! 

And if you are just super excited to play along and win prizes in our upcoming contest, please be sure to fill out this form and we will email you when the scavenger hunt giveaway becomes live! 


It's Half-Off Friday! And we have chosen 

 It's finally Half-Off Friday!  And for this weeks' pattern, we have chosen Taylor's Tween Pajama Pants and  Taylor's Adult Pajama Pants  to be on sale for 50% off all day Friday. Taylor's are super comfy and can be made out of almost every kind of fabric. Be sure to grab these two patterns while they're 50% off!

For the girls we have chosen Kadence's Knot Top as our Half-Off Friday pattern this week! Kadence's is super twirly and features adorable knot straps in front. As you can see, Kadence's is not just a warm weather pattern -- It is also perfect for layering over a long sleeve tee or even a peasant top. The pattern is 50% off all day Friday.  

That brings us to the end of this week's Friday Recap! We hope you have an exciting (and warm) weekend!  

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

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