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Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Recap

It's been a coooold week for a lot of us! It sounds like many of our fans have been keeping indoors to stay warm  - and getting a lot of those sewing projects done. We've had a productive week ourselves! Here are some highlights: 

New Releases

This week we released our first pattern of the year!  Cheyenne's Perfect Party Dress has two different options in one pattern - a fancy version and a simple version. The fancy version (inspired by the movie Frozen) is double layered with pickups and a bodice overlay. The simple version is single layer with a ruffle and a corset. 

Cheyenne's is also the first Pattern of the Month for 2014, and there's still time to become a member at a discount price of $60 for 12 patterns! Memberships are available for purchase until 1/31/14. 

This week we released four new women's patterns! First we have Taylor's Adult Pajama Pants for women and men! (This picture may be our first ever man-photo.)  I hear that Taylor's are really comfy and we all need pajamas, right? 

We also released Marissa's Perfect Peasant Dress/Top in Plus sizes - and Marilyn's Knit Peasant Dress/Top in Plus sizes! One is for knit and one is for woven, and they are both really cute and quick to sew!

Last up, we released Trista's Pixie Hoodie for Women. It's just as cute as the girls' version but sized just for us! I love wearing mine - it is really comfortable and flattering.

Newly released on Thursday is Allie's Knit A-line Dress! It includes instructions for different sleeve lengths, optional ruffles, and an optional hood. Allie's is great for all seasons and even as a cute little nightgown!  And since it was released on Thursday afternoon, this pattern will be 30% for several more hours on Friday. Don't forget to take advantage of tiered pricing with all of our great new patterns! 

On the Blog

This week on the blog we featured our Boutique of the Month for January. Congratulations to Tara Powell from Bugg-a-Boo Designs! We shared some of Tara's cute creations with you and discussed with her what's it's like to run a boutique from home. 

On Tuesday we shared this free tutorial for making a Ruffle Clutch. In addition to its cute ruffle, this clutch has a handy strap, a zipper, a pocket, and full lining inside. You can make it yourself using our easy-to-follow instructions! 

On Wednesday we showed you how to take any of our CKC halter tops and change them into cross-back straps! Many little girls will like this option and it allows them to take their dresses on and off by themselves. If you follow our simple steps, you can get the perfect fit for your daughter. You can find the blog post for Converting Halter Ties into Cross-Back Straps here

On Thursday we featured a monthly guest tutorial by Emily Wise from Emmie Made It. She teaches us how to make this Pretty Petals Flower Bow that she created. You can download the free tutorial AND watch a step-by-step video she made for us. I love that these flowers are unique! 

Events and Sales

It's time to start a new pattern in our CKC Sew-Alongs Group!  If you're not familiar with the group, it is a fun way to interact with other ladies who are working on the same patterns. We announce a certain pattern each month and post an official schedule. You buy fabric and do certain steps each day along with the rest of the group - and at the end you end up with an awesome outfit! To make it even more exciting, we have prizes!  If you want to join in on the fun, go to the link above. And that brings us to the announcement of this month's Sew-Along pattern: 

It is Cosette's Knit and Woven Dress!  Cosette's has comfy knit on top, with several sleeve options, and a beautiful woven ruffly skirt on the bottom. This little pattern has quickly become a favorite among our fans. And it also happens to be our Half-Off Friday pattern! That makes it 50% off for Friday only. We know you will love it! 

Wow, that really was a busy week! Thank you for reading and being such great fans. 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

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