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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Weekly Recap

Yep! Its already that time again. And after the week I've had I cant even express how glad I am to know its Friday. There's not a lot for me to talk about for this week. I think the holiday had a lot of us off our game.
So we released a new pattern this week which if your in the Pattern Of The month Club you got yours before it was released to the public. Riley's Redesigned Knot Dress! This beautiful, double layered knot dress has a little Create Kids Couture twist to it that the "normal" knot dresses don't have: the ability to tie the bodice multiple ways. With 8 buttonholes, you can tie this dress anyway you imagine! For all the tester photos we just weaved it through the buttonholes to tie where we wanted.

We also announced a fun sewing contest using Teagan's. And come on now who doesn't like a fun contest?!  We thought it would be fun to choose a pattern that you will embellish for a new look! The bodice of Teagan's is such a lovely simple design and look however, we want to see what you can do to spice it up! For all the contest details follow this link.

 Which now brings me to half off Friday. This week we have Megan's Accessory Pack PDF Pattern! This accessory pack is a necessity for your wardrobe! Not only does it also includes extra embellishments to really enhance the wardrobes. Be prepared to take your boutique clothes to the next level! This pack includes measurements and directions for the following items: basic sash and headband, reversible sash and headband, skinny sash and headband, kerchief, shirred sash, ruffle sash, corset sash, and six different styles of fabric flowers! 

Well that does it for me, I've got a messy sewing room to tend too.
Happy Sewing Y'all

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