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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Weekly Recap

Hip Hip Hooray! Its Friday and I know I say im excited for Friday every week. But this week is different!! Im going to have a blast this weekend, like most of the girls here at CKC. Tiffany and Shannon are both on vacation. And Ill helping out friends on their big day. And lots of pattern designing that I'm working on. So if there are any pressing matters and you really need one of us ladies, send Courtney an email.
So there's not a ton of info for our weekly recap. But lets get on it.
As most of us know we announced the winner of the 30,000 Facebook fan giveaway. And we just want to thank everyone for all the support. We also wrapped up the awesome auction for Miss Phoebe. Thank you so much to all of our bidders! This is going to be a great donation to give to Phoebe and her family! We will be sending out invoices later today and you will only have 48 hrs to pay them so please watch your inboxes! And you know that pretty much all that was going on this week.
So on to half off Friday. Its the super duper cute Penelope's Princess Ruffle Dress!! Whoo hoo for a $6 pattern!! This stunning dress has a darling long sweetheart bodice and added front (or back) Ruffles! The perfect Princess dress for that little princess in your life! Use her favorite princess colors for that fun themed dress!! Use cotton, linens or satins and lace and let your imagination take you away!  
Alright guys that's all for me. Happy sewing Y'all!

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