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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Weekly Recap

Wow its been a crazy week and its about to even more crazy!
So to start off the week started with us releasing our two newest women's patterns: Marissa's Perfect Peasant Dress and Marian's Lacy Knit A-Line Dress patterns. These patterns are both staples to your momma wardrobe.
Then came Tuesday and we released a free headband pattern. These are such a fast sew and you cant beat free!! You can find all the info on this headband and where to download by following this LINK.
Phoebe's Stripwork Dress is now available in doll sizes! Like the girls version, all of the proceeds will be donated to little Phoebe. So please purchase the pattern to support her! Remember all of our doll patterns are now in 15" and 18" doll sizes!
Then we shared the sneak peek to the Women's Willow on our facebook page. And WOW you all were so excited to see this. Note that we also have the tween and doll versions in the works as well! Look for them all VERY soon!
Following the excitement of the women's Willow. We released two new tween patterns: Harmony's Lacy Twirly Skirt and Amanda's Triple Ruffle Skirt. Both patterns are just $6 each and perfect for back-to-school wardrobes!
And now for half off Friday! Tiffany and Shannon must be in a good mood because they've decided that this weeks half off Friday is a theme... Back to school wardrobe! Which means a whole collection of staple patterns!! A pant, dress, top, skirt and outerwear. Yes you read that right. So go tell them how amazing they are.!
So first we have the pair or pants. Jenna's!! These ruffle pants are the perfect starter pattern! These pants can be made out of almost and material: jeans, cottons, flannel, corduroy, etc. Combine that with the big ruffle and the fun (optional) lave embellishment and we help you create that one-of-a-kind, fun, yet girly outfit! 
Then our top, Matilda's! This shirred outfit is perfect for all season! Wear it easily under halter tops to extend the length of your summer pieces! We include measurements for a dress with or without a ruffle as well as a top with or without a ruffle! We also include measurements for 3 different sleeve lengths!
Next up is Daphne's Bubble Skirt and Top! You gotta have a go-to skirt this fall so why not make it Daphne! Can easily transition to a shirt over Matilda's for for the fall or on its own next spring! Wear it near the chest as a high waisted skirt or at the waist for a drop waisted skirt! We do include instructions for shirring or using elastic!

Now onto our half off dress Yvette's! This darling knot dress is a keeper! With a beautiful stripwork design and unique embellishments, this dress will get you tons of compliments no matter where you are! The loose style of this bodice allows it to stretch through all the seasons as your little one grows; wear it as a playful dress during the warm months and layer it with Matilda's and Jenna's (pictured above) during the cooler months!

And lastly but not least Valerie's Bolero! This darling shirred bolero jacket is a necessity for your wardrobe! There are 3 sleeve lengths included in this pattern. Perfect way to extend those summer dresses!
And since there are so many items half off, I'll make it easy for you all and you can follow this ONE link to see them all. Well I'm off to play with some new knit fabrics I got.
Happy Sewing Y'all!

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