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Friday, May 3, 2013

Weekly Recap...

How is it Friday? Can someone please explain to me where Monday-Wednesday went? I can remember yesterday, but anything before that feels like too much work to try to remember. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining it's Friday, but I at least wish I could remember what I ate for dinner this week without hurting my brain....I like food so I would like to remember these sorts of things. 

We kinda had a slow week so this "recap" will be pretty quick, but you'll wanna read it all so no skipping!

First up, yesterday, our new social media team introduced themselves on the blog here. Their names are Morgan and Courtney and they rock our socks off! Incidentally, as I typed their names I realized we do not have patterns with those names. Score! lol. We're always looking for new patterns names. It's hard once you use up all those potential daughter names you didn't use. lol.

Shortly after we introduced them, we released two new doll patterns and they are CUTE! For real <3

How cute is Penelope's in doll sizes? Aren't these fabrics to die for? You can get the doll size version here and pick up the matching girl's size here as shown below. 

This dress pattern is so versatile! We even had some customers sew on the skirt so the ruffles went down the back of the dress. It was adorable. I'd show you, but.....I never saved a pic. Darnit! It can also be made with no ruffles at all and a lace overlay as shown below.

Then we released our Suzie's and Brianna's as a set in doll clothes. How fun would it be to make your daughter a fun, matching dolly and me set this summer? With these patterns it's super simple! 

Love the top and capris version above. Below is the dress version. 

Find the Suzie's and Brianna's in doll size here, the Suzie's in girl sizes here and the Brianna's in girl's sizes here

Now onto Half Off Friday! I know how much you guys love this. You asked for Lacey's Reversible Apron Top to be on sale for weeks now so we finally got tired of listening to it did it! lol, I kid! We love the requests just remember, we don't use patterns that have been released within the past six months!

Today only, Lacey's will be a whopping $4. I don't know if you can handle it! You might need to put tiered pricing into effect! lol. Seriously though, spend $25 and you get $5 off making this gem FREE with your purchase. How do you like them apples? 

How adorable is the back of this top? Great for summer weather! Also great for layering and wearing with a peasant tops in fall!

Next up, we have our women's contest that is going on and have ZERO entries so far. Don't make me cry ladies!!! You have one week to get your butts in gear

We all do so much for our children we deserve a little something pretty in our lives too <3 Shoot, Mother's Day is around the corner; make yourself a beautiful Brooklyn's Dress for brunch or a family picnic! You can look at our entire women's line here. Remember, this all counts towards tiered pricing, so really we're just trying to help YOU save money! LOL.

Finally, if you made it this far, you deserve to be rewarded handsomely! Click on the pins below and repin each picture. We will choose ONE lucky winner from each picture to receive a free pattern of their choice from our website! Hurry up because this will only last as long as Half Off Friday does!
Click, repin, repeat!

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