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Friday, August 10, 2012

Yahoo!!! It's Half off Friday!!!

A bit anticlimactic, I know. After having every day half off this week, it's a little hard to get super hyped up for HALF OFF FRIDAY. Maybe we are just getting spoiled by all these great deals Tiffany and Shannon are throwing around lately...

Anyways, even though it's still over 90 degrees here in coastal NC, and I spend every afternoon sweating and floating around in my inflatable redneck Intex pool with my kids, I'm thinking ahead to fall. I've been planning out all the cute outfits for my shop for my fall line and dreaming about clothes to sew for my own little one. I've noticed that lots of boutiques are already putting out photos of their fall lines on Facebook, so I talked the girls into today's half off pattern because I think it's the perfect fall outfit. What is it?

How cute would that be on the first day of school???

This pattern comes with 3 sleeve length options...

and includes measurements for 18 mo- 6 girls

This one is definitely one you want in your collection!
And today it's only $4.00

If you haven't submitted your sewing meme for our contest, it's getting down to the wire! Today is the last day you can submit photos. The winner gets a free 3 Pattern Pack, so don't miss out on your chance to win!

Have a great weekend!


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