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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Free Tutorial- How to add a Snap Crotch

First, I just have to say that it is totally ironic that I was asked to write this tutorial. I have no use for snap crotch pants, whatsoever. My husband is in the other room swearing under his breath at this very moment, struggling to get a pair of snap crotch jammies on a child that is faster and harder to catch than a mad greased pig. No, my child does not lay still. EVER. Now, my first baby, he was an angel when it came to diaper changes. Didn't move a muscle, and then potty trained himself before age  2. My second child went through a 4 month flip and run phase and then chilled out again. But this girl, forget it, she's a maniac, 18 months and still going strong.

I can hear you all calling me a liar. Yes, the photo above does show her laying all still and sweet. However, she was just dazed and confused about why I was trying to change her pants and take her picture at the same time. It really was the first time ever, but if she ever does happen to do it again, I'll now have a quick and easy way to get to her diaper! And so will all of you lucky people with sweet little babies that cooperate with diaper changes on a regular basis!

Here's this little stinker wearing Whitney's Ruffle Neck Romper.

And Autumn's Peasant Romper, both were outfitted with snap crotches for the making of this tutorial.

You can download the full free tutorial HERE.



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